The Moth StorySLAM: Pride @ Fremont Abbey Arts Center

A Pride month kick-off 🏳️‍🌈

📸: Courtesy The Moth

Thursday, June 1st • 7 pm

If you’re a public radio or podcast aficionado, you may have heard stories from The Moth Radio Hour. The Moth brings together stories from live open-mic style events, affectionately known as StorySLAMs, where storytellers are chosen randomly from the audience to tell a five-minute story on the night’s theme.

As we move into June, The Moth is hosting a StorySLAM at the Fremont Abbey, and the theme of the night is Pride. Folks are invited to listen in or take to the mic and share their story of Pride. If you’re considering unlocking your inner storyteller (or just want a sneak peek of what the stories could be about), here’s the prompt for the evening: “Prepare a five-minute story about embracing your identity. Coming out and inspiring others to do the same. Found family, fluidity, looking beyond the binary. Naysayers, fighting the good fight for yourself and for others, marches, protests, parades, trying on labels, all the colors on the spectrum. 10s across the board!”

The Moth celebrates the ability of storytelling to illuminate both the diversity and commonality of the human experience, and sharing in stories of Pride is sure to do that. I can say firsthand that experiencing these live events is both exciting and moving. So, whether you’re preparing to take the stage or just looking to take them all in, kick off the Pride celebrations with a night of great storytelling.

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