The Laser Dome @ Pacific Science Center

These are some major lasers ✨

📸: PacSci


Did you miss out on those once-in-a-lifetime Daft Punk tickets? Or are you just tired of your usual Dough Zone x Regal Meridian routine? Babe, The Laser Dome at Pacific Science Center is calling your name.

Designed initially as a planetarium for the Seattle World’s Fair, the dome has been an ever-evolving staple of the Seattle Center. Okay, yeah, a dome built in 1961, you’re skeptical. I get it. Just know that people love it. Have you ever met a laser hater? No? Exactly. Whether Jungkook is your bias or you love getting into it with Doja Cat, the dome’s shows focus on different artists and are constantly changing. You can unsuccessfully harmonize with those Ariana Grande’s high notes at a tenth of the price for a live concert.

Besides being one of the largest and oldest domes in the world, PacSci’s is one of the few still hiring laser artists to curate the experience. The artists customize each set for the audience. And all ages are welcome! (For older patrons, a joint beforehand definitely adds to the experience.) Current shows include Odesza, BTS, Depeche Mode, Queen, Daft Punk, Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Pink Floyd, Kendrick Lamar, and Doja Cat.

Heads-up: No one wants to smell garlic truffle fries during “Bad Romance,” so they ban food during shows. Thankfully, Dick’s Drive-In is right there to save the day. After you leave your show feeling giddy and exhilarated, take a five-minute walk to their Queen Anne restaurant behind Key Arena. Get your deluxe with cheese, strawberry milkshake, and two bags of fries you’re totally (not) going to share, then head over to International Fountain. From there, bliss out and figure out which excuses you’ll use to call off work for the Lizzo laser show next week.


Haylee Jarrett

Haylee Jarrett is a writer based in Capitol Hill. She loves oat milk chai lattes, her chihuahua, and being delusional.