The Films of David Lynch @ SIFF Egyptian

The wizard of film 🎞


Runs June 16th thru July 6th

Genius? Mad man? #1 Laura Dern fan? David Lynch is all things but most importantly he’s one of the greatest directors of our time. For over forty years, Lynch has crawled inside our heads and fiddled with our subconscious. Now it’s time to turn the tables and peek inside his brain. SIFF will show all ten feature films and six shorts directed by Lynch, daring you to journey into the twisted depths of his filmography. 

Kicking off the series is Lynch/Oz, a new documentary that explores the influence of The Wizard of Oz on Lynch’s filmmaking. After you understand Lynch’s connection and obsession with the great and powerful Oz, you can dive deep into the rest of his films. Trust the person behind the curtain at SIFF as they guide you through the hits, presented at the beautiful SIFF Egyptian. See his rarely screened films (like Elephant Man) and unsung gems (like Straight Story) that deserve the big screen treatment.


2023 | 108 min
Opens June 16th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Mulholland Drive🍿
2001 | 147 min
Opens June 17th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Blue Velvet🍿
1986 | 125 min
Opens June 18th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 The Short Films of David Lynch🍿
1997 | 60 min
Opens June 20th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Dune🍿
1984 | 137 min
Opens June 21st, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Wild at Heart🍿
1990 | 125 min
Opens June 23rd, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Inland Empire🍿
2006 | 180 min
Opens June 24th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 The Straight Story🍿
1999 | 111 min
Opens June 25th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me🍿
1992 | 135 min
Opens June 25th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿 The Elephant Man🍿
1980 | 124 min
Opens June 25th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

1977 | 89 min
Opens June 30th, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

🍿Lost Highway🍿
1997 | 134 min
Opens July 2nd, 2023
SIFF Cinema Egyptian 

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Sandra Woolf

Sandra is a writer and film programmer currently haunting the PNW. Fueled by iced coffee and love of all things pink (don’t tell the other goths). She’s most interested in finding the sexy dark corners of Seattle.