The “DTR” Pizza @ Smoking Monkey Pizza

Grab a slice for National Pizza Day 🍕

📸: Courtesy of Smoking Monkey Pizza

Editor’s Note: Thursday, February 9th, is National Pizza Day, but you can eat pizza any day 😋

As a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, I typically start all my investigations by ordering a classic margherita pizza. But at Smoking Monkey, I suggest starting with 🍕THE “DTR” (DOWNTOWN RENTON)🍕 slice. It’s got an olive oil base, topped with mozzarella, sliced pear, smoked prosciutto, gorgonzola, and parmesan. Each bite comes with a blend of smoky/sweet/savory. I found this pizza via delivery at the start of the pandemic, and it carried me through. 

A local favorite since 2012, Smoking Monkey Pizza has got a good amount of fictional lore surrounding it. The pizza shop says it heads the “Federation of Pizza,” the world’s first interplanetary pizza delivery service and asteroid mining company. Given that description, it shouldn’t be surprising that the place incorporates a sci-fi theme. Think monkeys in space suits. Because who wouldn’t travel the universe for pizza? 

Pro tip: If you miss National Pizza Day, they offer an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3 pm. (Yes, pizza buffet!!!!) Before or after, stop by Red House for a cocktail in a 1920s-era boarding house. Or hit up 8-bit Arcade for some pinball. DTR’s got lots for you. 

🐒 Visit Smoking Monkey Pizza @ 613 S. 3rd St #B in Renton

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Patheresa Wells

Patheresa Wells is a Black/Persian, Pansexual, Polyamorous Poet (so many Ps) and writer living in Seatac. An aspiring comic, you can catch her cracking jokes at open mics around the area. In her free time, she likes to imagine what she’d do with free time and feed her backyard crows cuz they’re silly. Follow her on Twitter @PatheresaWells.