Telehealth @ Sunset Tavern

Snazzy synth with motorik beats ⚡

📸: Courtesy Telehealth | Photo by Mikayla Neves

Tuesday, February 14th • 8 pm

The leader of Seattle group Telehealth, Alexander Attitude, comes at rock from an unusual angle—that of a disgruntled architect. Following touring stints with bands such as Deep Sea Diver and Kithkin, Attitude (probably not his real name) entered the world of architecture in 2017 and found it to be riddled with unrealistic utopian ideals and gestures toward sustainability disguised as capitalism and centrism. He left that scene behind and decided to apply architectural concepts to tackling the world’s problems with different tools—music and lyrics. Ergo, Telehealth’s new debut album, Content Oscillator.

With crucial contributions from Kendra Cox of local dream-pop unit Lemolo, Telehealth make uptightness rock and sugarcoat their cynicism and dystopian leanings with motorik beats, snazzy synth arpeggios, and benumbed, sometimes frayed vocals that recall Devo, A Frames, and Kraftwerk—all futurists with varying outlooks, most of them bleak. One example: “Hyper Tech Green Investment Guy”’s withering dissection of tech companies’ superficial enviro-conscientiousness. Content Oscillator is the blueprint for a promising musical enterprise that you may want to get into on the ground floor.

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Dave Segal

Dave Segal

Dave Segal is a freelance music writer for The Wire, Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard, and other publications. He formerly served as staff writer at The Stranger and as managing editor at Alternative Press. Find him on Twitter @editaurus