Taylar Elizza Beth @ Barboza

W/ Ex-Florist & DJ Reverend Dollars 💲

📸: Courtesy Taylar Elizza Beth + Barboza

Wednesday, April 12th • 7 pm

All the best things come in twos. Strawberry kiwi. The sun and the moon. Salt and pepper. And that’s doubly true for this Barboza basement show featuring the Gruesome Twosome, Taylar Elizza Beth (TEB) and Ex-Florist. Taylar is fresh off the release of her stellar album with Seattle DJ and producer WD4D, UNDERCOVER LOVERGIRL. The record is an ode to healing and finding yourself, crafted for “anyone who has an abundance of love to give, but hasn’t always felt safe giving it,” as she explains in the album’s liner notes. Though there are introspective tracks like the dreamy “GEMINI MOON,” Taylar also turns it all the way up with the infectious “MONEY MANTRA ($$$)” and summertime anthem, “BLUETOOTH BITCHEZ.” 

TEB is joined by friend and fellow PNW powerhouse musician Ex-Florist. Like their name implies, Ex-Florist has an uncanny ability to cull together disparate genres and influences to create a unique-and-gritty sonic bouquet. Their most recent estoc-produced track, “ARTIFICIAL LIGHT,” blends Ex-Florist’s light, undulating voice with heavily-distorted guitar that sounds like it would absolutely be playing at the Blade vampire rave. The always excellent DJ Reverend Dollars is also on duty, spinning tracks that will get your body moving. Put on your dancing shoes and prepare to mosh or throw that booty, song depending.

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