Seattle Mariners Opening Day 2024 @ T-Mobile Park


📸: Adam Kubota

📆 Thursday, March 28th
📍 T-Mobile Park: 1250 1st Ave S, Seattle

It’s only been a scant few months since the Seattle Mariners lost out on the playoffs by a single game. (Hope you enjoyed those two extra wild card games, Toronto.) And I’ll be the defensive one and bemoan a very competitive AL West division and also point out that the M’s had a better regular season record (88-74) than the World Series also-rans Arizona Diamondbacks (84-78).

But whatever. I’m a cautious optimist, so I declare that this is going to be strong year for Seattle, where they can back up their top-five pitching rotation with a lineup that can secure actual runs. Sure, I mourn some off-season trades; goodbye to third baseman Eugenio “Good Vibes Only” Suárez, outfielder Teoscar Hernández, cooler-kicking Jarred Kelenic, and Big Boy DH Mike Ford, among others. But the Mariners core now has some sweet add-ons with infielder Luis Uríascatcher/DH Mitch Garver, and the return of outfielder Mitch Hanniger. Plus, outfielder Canaan Smith-Njigba gets to join his younger brother Jaxon (standout rookie wide receiver for the Seahawks) as one of SoDo’s finest.

Anyway, it’s time to play some motherflippin’ baseball. Opening day is Thursday, March 28th, with a long weekend series against the Boston Red Sox. Sox games are always good people-watching fun; last season I witnessed a drunken, unintelligible Boston fan get ejected from the main deck after he attempted one of the worst punches I’ve ever seen, thrown a full five feet away from his target. Bless the T-Mo security staff for keeping their cool.

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Marcus Gorman

Marcus Gorman is a Seattle-based playwright and film programmer. He once raised money for a synagogue by marathoning 15 Adam Sandler movies in one weekend. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter @marcus_gorman.