Seattle Faerie Festival @ Cal Anderson Park

Calling all gelflings 🧝‍♀️

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Saturday, September 3 • 12 pm – 6 pm

If you’re like me and you’re kicking yourself for missing the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire yet again, then boy have I got an event for you. It’s the Seattle Faerie Festival at Cal Anderson Park hosted by the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore. The festival is essentially a Ren Faire—except the emphasis is more on folklore AKA the fun stuff.

Here’s who’s invited, according to the event website: Faeries, pirates, gnomes, elves, trolls, princesses, princes, fauns, pans, fae, goblins, wizards, magicians, queens, sorcerers, green men, brownies, unicorns, sprits, lost boys, lost girls, nymphs, dragons, knights and ladies, pixies, changelings, genies, gelflings, sylphs, angels, nature spirits, elementals, hobbits, and any other magical being tied to nature

The purely online museum (which dabbles in faerie myth, UFOs, sasquatch, and Bruce Lee fandom) promises an event filled with crafts, dancing, food, face painting, and things to buy from local vendors. There will be a pet costume parade. The last time this festival happened, in 2014, the Seattle Pony Party showed up. 

This all sounds weird and I am 100% going to be there. I mean, this is the last line in their advertisement: “​​See the strange alchemy of solar energy devices and environmental protection of flora and fauna and an original Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean stand-up movie poster on exhibit to pose with.” I’m puzzled! I’m intrigued! I’m certain the faerie realm does not read the news!

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Nathalie Graham

Nathalie is a writer focused on anything she finds weird or fun. Sometimes this includes local politics and the environment, sometimes this involves scootering half-nude in Tacoma. She used to work as a staff writer at The Stranger where she did a lot of that sort of thing. She detests dentists and loves costume parties.