Haunted Factory Experience 2022 @ Seattle Chocolate

Charlie in the Chocolate Factory but spooOOOOooky 👻

📸: Seattle Chocolate Factory

October 27-30th 

Something is happening at the factory. An evil spirit has entered the chocolate wonderland, and only you can figure it out. MuWaHaHaHa. The gist: Every year, the Seattle Chocolate Factory hosts a haunted tour of their otherwise totally-normal building. The event is like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, only it’s Halloween-themed, and the risk of dying in ridiculous situations is lowered drastically (beware the mad scientist, however). 

Enjoy the mazery with riddles and mysteries, green goo, psychotic scientists, and men in masks! (So spooky.) The now-darkened factory hosts a plethora of eerie passageways and one extra special haunted spirit who watches your every move. Brave through the building and solve the mystery! There’s a little reward behind it if you do. 

The factory is a beloved location here in Seattle; founded in 1991, it’s seemingly ingrained within all gift baskets in the Emerald City. Even if you’re not a Halloween fan, just come and enjoy the chocolate. It’s for all ages, with tickets ranging from $12 for adults to $10 for children 12 and under. Bring someone, somebodies, and something. Or just go alone, you psycho. 


Nathan Saeturn

Nathan is a recent UW graduate and a connoisseur of instant Vietnamese coffee—the same brand for six years. (“G7 3-in-1” to be exact!!!) He is currently a volunteer book reviewer for The International Examiner and a dog dad to Willow, the world’s most animated terrier.