Salon of Shame @ Theatre Off Jackson

Bring on the angst 😳

📸: Courtesy Salon of Shame

Tuesday, January 10th • 8 pm SOLD OUT

Are you looking for a bit of catharsis in the new year? Then dig up your dream journals, diaries, and bad high school poetry. Since 2005, Salon of Shame has hosted live readings of hilariously angsty adolescent writing. “We’re purging the shame,” says producer Ben Haley. Ahead of their 100th showing, we spoke about the gift of laughing at yourself. “There is a unified sense of shame and relief,” says Haley. 

The show functions like a group therapy session: attendees and readers leave thinking about their youth differently. “As embarrassing as it used to be, you’re not ashamed of it afterward.” Count on familiar themes of these coming-of-age stories: first kisses, first sexcapades, things parents never found out about. Coming out. Leaving religious communities. Haley recalled a particularly shocking romantic fiction about a woman—with a telepathic dog!!—who instantly fell in love with the firefighter who rescued her. 

This special 21+ show is sold out, but you can get yourself plus one in for free if you sign up to read. Grab a drink at the bar before you go on! Ben’s suggestion: “Don’t just read anything. Look for the thing that you don’t want anyone to find out about.” Readers are encouraged to refrain from overperforming (just be honest), but the ASL interpreters at every show lean heavily into the theatrics of the experience. Masks required. Follow Salon of Shame on Instagram to snag tickets ($15) when they drop next.


Meghna Jaradi

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