Renton City Retro @ Renton Pavilion Center

With a Cowboy Bebop reunion?

📸: Courtesy Renton City Retro

Spring is the season of gaming conventions and the city of Renton is no stranger to that. If you couldn’t get your fix from ECCC, Sakura-con, or the plethora of other conventions, then Renton City Retro is here for you with all things retro in gaming, Relive your sweet, sweet childhood memories playing the first editions of Street Fighter and maybe get absolutely smoked—just like you remember it! Continue your reminiscing by walking around, scoping out the many vendors of classic games and consoles, artist alley, and more. 

RCR started small as a gathering of “100 passionate retro gamers,” but over time, the numbers swelled and now thousands of attendees come across the country to share in the love for retro gaming. This year there’ll be parties, free arcades and pinball, a game arena, a cosplay contest, panels, tons of anime and art, and of course, special guest appearances. This year, they’re celebrating their 25th anniversary with a special Cowboy Bebop reunion. Beau Billingslea (Jet Black), Mary-Elizabeth Mcglynn (voice director for Cowboy Bebop), Melissa Fahn (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV), and Steve Blum—the suave, deliciously gravelly voice behind space cowboy, Spike Spiegel, will all be making an appearance. And of course, it’s not a gaming convention without a Smash Tourney. I’ll never forget that Donkey Kong player who shattered my soul.

Tickets are $80 each for an all-access pass and $40 for general admission, with both tickets covering all days.  Bus, walk, speed run, or no-clip your way here, because you won’t ever find a retro gaming convention like this one. 

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Nathan Saeturn

Nathan is a recent UW graduate and a connoisseur of instant Vietnamese coffee—the same brand for six years. (“G7 3-in-1” to be exact!!!) He is currently a volunteer book reviewer for The International Examiner and a dog dad to Willow, the world’s most animated terrier.