Queer Climb Nights @ Seattle Bouldering Project Poplar

Be Gay. Slay. Belay! 💅 🧗‍♂️

📸: Courtesy Seattle Bouldering Project

Third Thursdays • 7 – 9 pm

Look, it’s hard to be queer and meet other queer people from the outdoors community. It’s like trying to match with someone but not knowing what app to use, but the folks at Queer Mountaineers got your back. They host Queer Climb Nights at Seattle Bouldering Project (SBP) Poplar every third Thursday of the month. Day passes are at a discounted rate of 12 dollars, so this is a good way to test the waters and see if rock climbing is for you.

But these nights are more than just for climbing. The founding quartet—Jude Glenn, Sarina Pizzala, Phoebe Ngo, and Nik Frumkin—started this group to provide and promote more queerness in the wilderness and create a community where queer folks can have access to mountaineering and other outdoor activities. Worried about not slaying the walls? That’s okay! From first-timer hos to climbing pros, everyone’s welcome. The only requirement is the queer thing. This event’s for you if you’re looking to meet cool climbing partners or more outdoor buddies. 

I’ve attended their past climb nights to meet cute outdoorsy people, and I was not disappointed! Plus, climbing is an exercise, so you’ll build community while staying hot. It’s a win-win, gurl. 

SBP Poplar too far from you? Busy on the third Thursdays?
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Edgeworks Tacoma: Second Thursdays
Vertical World Seattle: Last Wednesdays 

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Juan Miguel Jocom

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