Portable Performance Festival @ 18th & Union

A storytelling fest in the CD 🎙️

📸: 18th & Union

September 8th – September 24th

Fans of The Moth will find much to love at Portable Performance Festival, a celebration of minimalist performance and solo storytelling coming to the Central District this September. Expect fresh, intimate moments: over 100 local artists and creators will share their newly birthed work during 24 unique shows at 18th & Union, an arts space.

Some standouts from the lineup:

🎤 In Four Black Women Talking, presenters raised in different parts of the country discuss their highly-personal, regional experiences with racism while accompanied by vocals ranging from gospel to opera

🎤 The storytelling duet in Who We Are, How We Failed, What We Wore explores significant costumes and dreams they had as children of the ’90s who came of age in the 2010s

🎤 A viola-violin duo surveys how classical composers interpreted nighttime sounds (insects, demons, sorrow!) in What Sounds At Night

🎤 Shorter micro-works are grouped into four themed “shorts blocks”: at Radiate, watch a spoken word piece about depression, a play about filling a prescription, a show about a meme, and cat jokes by post-punk professionals

Tickets are available on a sliding scale. Pay what you can between $10-$50 per show. If you plan on seeing more than one show, grab a 6-pass pack for $60-$120 or buy a full festival pass for $128-$200.

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Meghna Jaradi

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