Parliament Funkadelic feat. George Clinton @ Remlinger Farms

Getting funky in Carnation 🌹

📸: Parliament Funkadelic feat. George Clinton

📆 Saturday, June 15th
🎟 Tickets start at $50
📍Remlinger Farms: 32610 NE 32nd St, Carnation

Something’s brewing out in Carnation.

The small city’s Remlinger Farms, best known for its pumpkin patches and haunted corn fields, struck a unique partnership with Seattle Theatre Group after last year’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard concert, becoming a brand new summer music venue. Its summer series, called Concerts at the Farm, started this summer, launching with big names like Portugal. The Man and Blondie. The 6,000-capacity venue is a massive development for the 350-acre farm that usually hosts corn mazes, carnival rides, and farmers markets. And theeeeeee funk progenitor George Clinton and his collective band Parliament Funkadelic will perform at this inaugural summer season on June 15th. 

It’s hard to overstate the influence and importance of Clinton and his band on modern music. Their funk-tastic tunes like “Give Up the Funk (Tear The Roof Off the Sucker)” and “Can You Get to That” not only shaped funk music but would go on to inspire West Coast G-funk rappers in the ’90s who sampled and riffed off Clinton’s freaky, psychedelic, acid jazzy runs. Known for his colorful, flamboyant style, Clinton is also a leading thinker on Afrofuturism, heavily molding the aesthetics and conceptions of the multi-genre movement.  Now 82-years-old, Clinton and his P-Funk crew are still funkin’ the house down—despite many so-called “final” tours. But as they say, ain’t no party like a P-Funk party ‘cuz a P-Funk party don’t stop! Huzzah!

If you’re in Seattle, Remlinger Farms can be far away (parking is free!). However, STG will charter shuttles to the venue with pickup points at Paramount Theatre and Overlake Park & Ride. (You’ll have to pay $50 plus taxes for the service.)

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