Otoboke Beaver @ The Crocodile

Two nights in Seattle 🤘 🤘

📸: Otoboke Beaver

📆 Tuesday, February 20th + Wednesday, February 21st
⏰ Doors 7 pm | Show 8 pm
🎟 $30
📍 The Crocodile: 2505 1st Ave, Seattle

Since 2009, Japanese punk band Otoboke Beaver has melted faces off of audiences across the globe. Formed in Kyoto and named after a love hotel in Osaka, the quartet describes themselves as a “Japanese girls ‘knock out or pound cake’ band”—which means they show up onstage to kick butt and take names. 

Drawing from the verbal rhythm of manzai comedy and Riot Grrrl punk, Otoboke Beaver’s energetic, in-your-face music is an electrifying experience. On their 2019 hit “Don’t Light My Fire,” lead vocalist Accorinrin scream-sings, guitarist Yoyoyoshie and bassist Hirochan create a frenetic wall of sound, and Kahokiss goes absolutely dummy on the drums. The band’s latest album, SUPER CHAMPON ス​ー​パ​ー​チ​ャ​ン​ポ​ン, opens with the bass-forward “I am not maternal (アイドンビリーブマイ母性),” where the group waxes about not desiring motherhood and loving puppies more than babies. On “PARDON? (​パ​ー​ド​ゥ​ン​?​),” Accorinrin blends English and Japanese as she expresses annoyance at someone she doesn’t understand. “I don’t know what you mean/Shut up!!!”

Otoboke Beaver’s live performances are just as hectic as their music, with tons of stage diving and screaming. They’ve been hitting the road hard, doing almost 200 shows over the past few years and building a fanbase in Japan and abroad. And now, these Japanese punk rockers are landing in Seattle with not one but two shows. Joining them onstage are playful South Korean skate punkers, Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, with the ever-sour Lemon Boy and metal punk duo Muñeca serving as the Seattle special guests. 

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