On Sale Now: Bumbershoot 2023 Tickets

Bumber is back to shoot its shot ☂️

📸: Bumbershoot

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🎸 Bumbershoot is back, baby! Seattle Center’s biggest summer festival returns this September after a few years of turbulence. In 2019, producer AEG backed out of the historic Seattle music fest following lots of debt and drama. (Remember the barricade incident?) But during the pandemic, a group of local producers took hold of the fest’s reins under the name New Rising Sun—and this September, that group will produce a new reimagined Bumbershoot.

🧙‍♀️ What’s new and reimagined? We don’t know all the details yet, but we know it’ll be sprawling. The two-day Labor Day weekend fest announced today it’ll feature: a “fashion district” with local designers and runway programs, WRESTLING (?), a large group exhibition of contemporary art, WITCHES (?), palm readings, a pole dancing program, ROLLER SKATING (!), something called a “cat circus”—and, of course, the music: New Rising Sun says the lineup will return to Bumbershoot’s roots and heavily feature local and PNW acts.

✔️ What’s that lineup? We don’t know yet. That should come in a few weeks. We’ll update this post when we have more info.  UPDATE 3/23: We’ve got that lineup!!!

🎟️ What’s the ticket situation? Tickets are cheaper than in previous years. To celebrate the fest’s 50th anniversary, discounted $50 single-day tickets will go on sale Friday, February 24th @ 10 am. Two-day passes will start at a discounted $85. If you plan on going, consider getting tickets sooner rather than later: Single-day tickets will top out at $85, and two-day passes at $130.

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