Northwest Terror Fest @ Neumos and Barboza

Prepare to punish your eardrums 👹

📸: Courtesy Northwest Terror Fest

May 25th – 27th

On Memorial Day Weekend, Capitol Hill will be packed full of long-haired metal heads decked out in their finest camo cargo shorts and black T-shirts with indecipherable band logos. This can only mean one thing—Northwest Terror Fest has returned to lay waste to Neumos and Barboza. For fans of the heaviness like me, it’s the best music weekend of the year in this city. Within three days, our eardrums will be punished by underground bands representing all the subgenres of metal—doom, black metal, metalcore, death metal, grindcore (and probably more!). For the fifth installment of this fest, the NWTF crew has booked a slew of savagery. Prepare for the crushing riffs of Maryland’s Misery Index, the beautifully crafted hour-long funeral doom dirges of hometown heroes Bell Witch, the triumphant battle marches of Seattle’s speed metal torchbearers Solicitor and the circle pits brought forth by legendary West Coast crossover thrashers Cryptic Slaughter. With bands playing both upstairs on the main Neumos stage and the more intimate room downstairs on the Barboza stage, you will certainly get your money’s worth, as the festival boasts a jam-packed lineup featuring 39 bands. Did I mention there’s a pre-show party the night before at Barboza? Bring a fresh set of earplugs and prepare for a weekend’s worth of headbanging

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Kevin Diers

Kevin Diers is a freelance writer and radio host who lives in Seattle. You can listen to him on both Metal Shop and Loud and Local on 99.9 KISW or catch him interviewing wrestlers at the next DEFY show.