Norman Lundin @ Greg Kucera Gallery

The stuff of dreams 🖼️

📸: Courtesy Greg Kucera Gallery | Studio composition with red broomstick and blue tape, 2022 by Norman Lundin

February 16th – April 1st

Dreamy” isn’t perhaps the first word that comes to mind for most people when looking at Norman Lundin’s interior paintings. But it’s the word that pops into my brain immediately when taking in the Seattle-based painter’s works. 

I think it’s the time of day (or night) he situates each setting in. The shadows are long; the space is quiet and seems empty. There’s evidence of life—a take-out container, a broomstick leaning against the wall, a coffee cup—but it’s an in-between moment. “Every side-lit, unpeopled room seems suspended in a sort of endless Sunday afternoon,” wrote Gary Faigin back in 2016 for The Seattle TimesThe stuff of dreams

And at Greg Kucera Gallery for the next couple of weeks, viewers can get a bit of Sunday afternoon on any day of the week at Lundin’s new show The Space Between Things. Composed of recent work, the exhibition includes Lundin’s famous interior-set paintings as well as landscapes that embody that same state of suspension between night and day, light and dark, living and existing.

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Jas Keimig

Jas Keimig is an arts and culture writer in Seattle. Their work has previously appeared in The Stranger, i-D, Netflix, and Feast Portland. They won a game show once and have a thing for stickers.