Moana @ Fritz Hedges Waterway Park

One day I’ll know 🌊 How far I’ll go 🌊

📸: Disney

Friday, Aug 19 • 7 pm

Catch me on any random day puttering around the house and I’ll likely be singing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. And I’ve done it since I first watched the movie six years ago. It makes me feel unstoppable.

There’s not a single song on this soundtrack that disappoints (I mean, Lin-Manuel Miranda). This movie never fails to give me chills, whether it’s the tentative first notes in “How Far I’ll Go,” Moana’s piercing last line in “I Am Moana,” or the hushed, levitating hum behind her monologue in “Know Who You Are.” An unforgettable scene.

Even if you’re still humming Moana lyrics on the daily, I bet you haven’t seen it under the open summer sky. This Friday night, Moana will screen for U District’s Summer Movies By the Bay at Fritz Hedges Waterway Park. The event kicks off at 7 pm with live music—for Moana, the featured artist is Si-Ihn Ro

So grab a cozy sweater and settle in for an epic, mythical, heartwarming adventure as the sun slowly sets over the water. That’s what this series is all about: exploring the ideas of freedom, identity, and self-exploration associated with water and the open ocean, and Moana fits the lineup perfectly.


Tiera Nhem Editor

Tiera Nhem

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