Midsommar vs. The VVitch @ SIFF Film Center

May queens square off against witches 🥊


Wednesday, October 26th • 7 pm

It’s the fairy tale scare of Ari Aster’s Midsommar (2019) against the puritanical terror of Robert Eggers’ The VVitch (2015). It’s the new SIFF Film Talk series, Versus! Join fellow film heads in a rare opportunity for public confrontation in Seattle to decide which film reigns spookiest.

VVitch and Midsommar are both A24 productions, a label that has come to almost guarantee popular and critical success. These films also share thematic and stylistic similarities. Anya Taylor Joy made her film debut in VVitch, and viewers became familiar with Florence Pugh through her cartoonish facial contortions of horror in Midsommar. The Blonde stars contribute to striking terror through Whiteness, but what else makes these films such notable works of modern horror? That’s up to the SIFF audience.

Both of these films have already screened at SIFF, but they can be streamed on Hulu/HBOMAX and Paramount+/Showtime, respectively. Curl up on the couch, listen to the rain, and come to your own position before attending the talk, which is open to all and also available online via Zoom. If you go IRL and early, you can snag some merch.

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Miranda Hardy

Miranda is a Seattle-based writer, musician, and gal about town. You can find her at the library, your local bar’s karaoke night, and staring longingly at the Ballard Locks. Don’t ask her about AI, pop music, or why she loves Seattle because you’ll never get your ear back.