Love And Rockets @ Moore Theatre

Goth-rock icons 🥀

📸: Courtesy Love and Rockets

Sunday, May 28th • 7 pm

Nostalgia for ’80s bands shows no signs of abating, and Love And Rockets—who consist of three-quarters of another recently revived ’80s band, goth-rock icons Bauhaus—are seizing the payday. Thankfully, their action-packed catalog hasn’t been bludgeoned into oblivion by radio programmers; consequently, fans should be absolutely pumped to see them in the flesh—even those who caught the 2007-08 comeback. David J (bass, vocals), Kevin Haskins (drums, synths), and Daniel Ash (guitar, vocals, sax) appear ready to ply their glammy electronic rock for a sizable fan base—even though Ash vowed in 2009 that they were donezo. Oops.

To backtrack, in the mid ’80s, Love And Rockets shed Bauhaus’ gothic gloom and struck out for a brighter, more vividly colored and more overtly danceable sound. On their first three albums, LAR mastered the art of the breezily psychedelic anthem (“All In My Mind,” “Kundalini Express,” “Yin And Yang [The Flowerpot Man],” “No New Tale To Tell,” “So Alive,” etc.). They also proved themselves adept at interpreting other people’s songs, as exemplified by their ominous cover of the Temptations’ “Ball Of Confusion.” Love And Rockets’ ’90s LPs delve deeper into electronic-dance music, dub, and ambient—sounding a bit like the Orb, but with better hair. Longtime fans are surely hoping that the title of Love And Rockets’ 1994 album, Hot Trip To Heaven, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy at the Moore.

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Dave Segal

Dave Segal

Dave Segal is a freelance music writer for The Wire, Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard, and other publications. He formerly served as staff writer at The Stranger and as managing editor at Alternative Press. Find him on Twitter @editaurus