Legendary Children @ Olympic Sculpture Park

Who’s ready for the runway? ✨

📸: Courtesy Seattle Art Museum

Friday, September 23 • 8 pm

Your library throws a ball? A queer ball? 

Explaining Seattle Public Library’s Legendary Children celebration to a person with a regular, boring, or conservative library system can be a headscratcher for them. But the annual event is in its 7th year—and it’s one of Seattle’s most fun community events, putting queer and trans DJs, dancers, and performers of color in the spotlight. The library partners with organizations like the Seattle Art Museum to essentially throw a community ball, sending a message of support to QTBIPOC communities. It’s also just a sick party

2020’s was virtual, 2021’s was hybrid, and this September’s Legendary Children takes place in the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’ll include DJ Riz (of KEXP), Briq House (of the Sunday Night Shuga Shaq), multiple ball houses, and more legendaries. And? It’s free. (Early arrival is “highly encouraged.” So is dressing up, since there’s a public runway.) 

In a world where conservatives keep threatening libraries for being friendly to queer people, it’s remarkable that Seattle’s public library continues to keep up this big, loud, free-for-all event. 

DJ Riz
Kween Kay$h
Briq House
Da Qween
Hot Pink Shade

YouTube video

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Chase Burns

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