Kremfest @ The Kremwerk Complex

A music fest that’ll melt yr face 🫠

📸: Courtesy Kremwerk | Photo by Tyler Hill

The new skyscrapers and convention center erected over the Denny Triangle neighborhood have made it clear that the area is changing. Still, one neighborhood spot staying constant over the last few years is the indestructible Kremwerk Complex, an underground electronic music and queer performance venue that’s becoming increasingly above-ground. 

Kremwerk’s signature fest, Kremfest, turns five this year, and this time around the sun, the raver haunt celebrates the addition of Cherry Nightclub to the Complex. Along with the subterranean Kremwerk and its upstairs shed the Timbre Room, the complex has added Cherry, a street-level club that can host nearly 300 people. 

For Kremfest, the complex promises “4 days, 4 rooms,” and “millions of smiles” (too many smiles), and also DJs, digital art, physical art, and metaphysical art. This year’s acts include big names like Grammy-nominated house DJ Terry Hunter, who just put out stuff with Beyonce, plus local stars like KEXP’s Larry Mizell Jr. (I keep thinking about Mizell’s set from about a month ago that broke down Sylvester’s music across four hours. I stan.) Along with the headliners, the fest will host showcases from some of the city’s best dance nights, like Flammable, House Party SEA, Research, and a sprawling list of other hot DJs

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Chase Burns

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