JID and Smino @ The Paramount

Impeccable flow 🧘

📸: Courtesy Interscope Records | JID

It’s one thing to see JID himself. A talented artist who launched himself into stardom with an album released a couple of months ago, The Forever Story. The flows? Impeccable. The story? Emotional. The album as a whole serves as an “origin story” for JID, which makes this concert the best read-a-loud you’ll ever attend as an adult.

But introducing Smino takes the tour to a whole ‘nother level. Smino’s music includes witty bars, melodic beats, and sampling, and it has one of the chillest presences you’ll ever hear. His sound is one of the few I’ve ever heard described as “bedroom hip-hop,” and his newest album, Luv 4 Rent, is no exception to that description. It’s groovy, flowy, and down to earth.

What do you get when the two decide to tour together? The aptly-named Luv Is 4Ever tour. Seemingly combining songs from the two albums, who knows what masterfully melodic pieces they’ll come up with on stage.

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