Jai Ho! Dance Party @ Nectar Lounge

Move your boombsey 😅

The summer of our second year into the pandemic, I felt a different kinda listlessness. The first year was full of self-improvement projectsBaking! Convincing myself I could become fluent in French! Daily walks!—but this second year had sluggishly crawled by. Enter: Kukuwa African Dance Fitness. A vivacious group of three ladies who made me get up, get loose, and in the words of their founder, Kukuwa, “move my boombsey.” Dancing with them didn’t just take me on an Afrobeats journey around Africa; it made me feel empowered and free—and more like myself again.

So imagine Afrobeats mixed with equally iconic, equally energetic Bollywood music. That’s what Sunday, September 4th’s JAI HO! Dance Party at Nectar Lounge will be. That night, DJ Prashant will team up with DJ Aji and DJ Lakshay to fill the night with a fusion of sound and culture. The party kicks off at 9 pm with plans to go into the early morning (the next day’s Labor Day, so stay a while, babe). You might get a stitch in your side and your lungs and thighs might burn, but I can guarantee you’ll still be smiling by the night’s end.

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Tiera Nhem Editor

Tiera Nhem

Tiera is an assistant editor for The Ticket. Originally from Tacoma, she’s on the hunt for the baddest bakeries and plant nurseries around town.