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Wednesday, March 15th • 8 pm

Imagine if the ’90s sitcom Sister, Sister staring the Mowry sisters were a musical group—but one funkier than network TV would allow. That’s Ibeyi. The group, named after the Yoruba word for twins, is made up of Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz, whose Yoruba, French, and Afro-Cuban influences shape their sound. If music is a love language, this musical duo’s songs bind its spellbook

This upcoming show at The Crocodile is a rescheduled show from September, so the crowd is ready. And it’s the group’s first US tour since their third album, Spell 31, was released in May. (The album is named after an incantation in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which also shows up as lyrics on its third track, “Made of Gold.”)

Maybe the best thing about Ibeyi is their music’s healing nature. Their 2015 debut self-titled album contains missives like “River,” a song that takes the rebirth of baptism back to Yoruba spirituality and the deity Oshun. Who you might remember a yellow-clad Beyonce channeling. And that’s not where the Beyonce references end. Ibeyi appeared in the iconic Lemonade visual album, serving front porch fierceness alongside Chloe x Halle, Amandla Stenberg, Zendaya, and Queen Bey. 

This show is your chance to see this up-and-coming royalty in an intimate venue. And let their hypnotic blend of jazz, soul, and hip-hop wash life’s grime right off you. Pro tip: Don’t miss the opener, Ojerime—a South Londoner bringing all the ’90s R&B nostalgia. 

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Patheresa Wells

Patheresa Wells is a Black/Persian, Pansexual, Polyamorous Poet (so many Ps) and writer living in Seatac. An aspiring comic, you can catch her cracking jokes at open mics around the area. In her free time, she likes to imagine what she’d do with free time and feed her backyard crows cuz they’re silly. Follow her on Twitter @PatheresaWells.