Here Comes the Sun Closing Night Reception @ Get Nice Gallery

Big, bold art in Ballard 🌞


May 13th to June 10th

Closing Night Reception: Saturday, June 10th • 5 – 9 pm

“LET’S TAKE IT EASY TODAY, W-E CAN GO OU-TSIDE AND FEEL THE GRASS BE TWEEN OUR T-OE-S” reads one of Boston-based artist Andy Li’s delightful and colorful wall pennants. Li packs a lot of feeling onto these pennants, stitching ALL-CAPS SENTENCES of mundane observations, shower thoughts, and motivational proverbs on compact bits of nylon. They’re equal parts Boy Scout and pensive grownup ponderings.  

Li is one of five artists showing at the Get Nice Gallery in Ballard this month. Located in the old Ballard Blossom building, the art space run by artist and illustrator Graham Franciose consistently holds great, intimate shows of work by local and national artists. And their latest effort is called Here Comes the Sunwhich features all new pieces from five artists that embody the feeling of warm sunshine beaming down from a cool blue sky. 

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One of whom is Seattle’s favorite muralist and artist Stevie Shao. At Here Comes the Sun, she has several vibrant plywood paintings with taxonomical subjects: a butterfly, a moth, a snakey snake, a blissed-out squid, and a crab tenderly holding a tulip. Other artists include Austin-based Joe Swec’s calligraphy-inspired drawings, Seattle-based Michael Doyle’s nostalgic and dreamy paintings, and Santa Cruz-based Wyatt Hershey’s sculptural tributes to the nature that surrounds us all. 

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