Game ON! @ Benaroya Hall

Prepare for righteous scores 🙌

📸: Courtesy Seattle Symphony | Image by Brent Fox

September 15th – 16th • 8 pm

Seattle is the top games industry market in the United States, with the likes of Nintendo, Microsoft, Valve, Big Fish, and plenty of independent studios creating grand new worlds every day. The city also boasts one of the country’s highest concentrations of gamers—professional, casual, and everywhere in between. The gaming industry makes more than the movie and music industries combined, so what once felt like a niche subsection of geekdom is now the new normal. Naturally, the Seattle Symphony would want to get in on the game, so to speak, with Game ON!

Following a great lineup of pop culture concerts—live-with-score screenings of The Lord of the RingsThe Nightmare Before Christmas, and Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and programs dedicated to the works of Linda Ronstadt and Gene Kelly—the Seattle Symphony is now adding Game ON! to their pop culture repertoire.

Game ON! features scores from an unprecedented lineup of blockbuster video games with stunning, never-before-seen HD video. Enter the world of World of Warcraft. Slay your way through the monsters of Temeria from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Jump through time and change the course of history with selections from Assassin’s Creed. Roleplay through the Tamriel province of Skyrim. And rapture through The Rapture of Bioshock. And there just may be a few more surprises in store. Yes, it’ll feel weird not to have a controller in your hands as you hear these righteous scores echoing through Benaroya Hall, but this mix of new and old media should make you feel like the most cultured gamer in the world.


Seattle Symphony

The Grammy-winning Seattle Symphony unleashes the power of music, brings people together, and lifts the human spirit. Acclaimed for its inventive programming, the Symphony performs at Benaroya Hall, located in the heart of downtown Seattle.