Fourth at the Mural @ Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheatre

So much house 🕺

📸: Courtesy Disco Donnie

What better way to celebrate freedom than by losing yourself to house music in the heart of Seattle, nestled right under the Space Needle? Producer Disco Donnie Presents is bringing Fourth at The Mural, a daylong music fest featuring a variety of house from renowned DJs Chris LorenzoLee FossLP GiobbiHoneyLuvAzzecca—and local favorite Tony H.

Located at the Mural Amphitheatre, the party’s open-air layout and stunning backdrop create the perfect dance floor for all the local house heads to come together. The combo of high-tempo beats, lights, and the Fourth of July’s all-around liveliness will turn the music’s pulse into the city’s heartbeat. In the spirit of forefathers fighting for independence, this party invites you to embrace your individuality, let go of inhibitions, and dance with pure liberations.


Kaylee Botting

Kaylee is a writer focused on the nightlife and music scene in Seattle. As a music fest enthusiast, when she’s not at a local venue watching her favorite artists, she’s probably planning a trip to catch their next set somewhere else across the globe.