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📸: 1958 view of the Egan House / University of Washington Libraries Special Collections

📆 Saturday, April 6th
📍 1500 Lakeview Boulevard E, Seattle

If you’ve ever spent a lazy, sunny afternoon strolling down the winding Lakeview Boulevard in Eastlake, you probably spotted Egan House. The jumble of triangular white walls under a sloping black roof is nestled directly into the hill amongst the greenery of St. Mark’s Greenbelt. Designed by architect Robert Reichert in 1958, Egan House is a strong example of Northwest Regional style and modernist residences built in Seattle.

Made for and named after retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Willard Egan, the home has a bunch of quirky features:

  • A cantilevered entryway
  • A three-level open floor plan
  • Oddly-sized windows
  • No locks on any doors

Over the decades, various owners have threatened to demolish it. Still, public development authority Historic Seattle—in conjunction with Seattle Parks and Recreation—bought the home in 1998 and rehabilitated the property in 2003. The City designated Egan House a Seattle Landmark in 2010, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

You can’t pop in to Egan House for a look-see anytime you want. Historic Seattle rents the home to people who want to live inside an artwork. However, on April 6th, the organization has put together a viewing day for people who want to check out the unusual and cool house. Just make sure to register beforehand. Registration is very limited.

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