Dan Donohue @ Here-After

Make him fight the Space Needle 🤜 💥 🛸

📸: Courtesy Dan Donohue

📅 Friday, December 8th
⏰ Show 1: Doors 6 pm | Show 7 pm
⏰ Show 2: Doors 8 pm | Show 9 pm

📅 Saturday, December 9th
⏰ Doors 6 pm | Show 7 pm

📍 Here-After: 2505 1st Ave, Seattle
🎟 $20

Hot mustachioed and mulleted Dan Donohue, the son of a Cape Cod bricklayer mom and yoga instructor dad, has promised to fight the Space Needle if he sells out his two shows at the Here-After. (Update: He added a third!)

In a world where white male comedians are still cracking jokes about domestic violence and special needs kids, Donohue counters toxic masculinity by being open about his learning disabilities and relying more on observational humor and casual crowd work. On his “self-improvement podcastDanswers with fellow stand-up Terence Pennington, he’s currently doing a multi-episode deep-dive on Steve Harvey’s 2009 “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” The critique allows him to be vulnerable about his own dating history (hard to believe he’s ever felt unlovable 😥) and poke at now-antiquated notions about relationships. Catch him on Instagram (@notbaddan) washing dishes and sharing his takes on dating, bad tattoos, and ways to be a better/less entitled human.

Openers include locals Ricci Armani (who will be headlining at Here-After starting December 10), Alyssa Yeoman from Tacoma, and Bo Johnson (giving Donohue a run for his money with both parents being massage therapists) from Seattle. 

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