Chinese Floral Art Exhibit @ Bellevue Botanical Garden

Making flowers come alive 💐

📸: Courtesy Bellevue Botanical Garden

May 13th – 14th • 10 am – 5 pm

Mother’s Day weekend marks the Hua Yuan School Annual Chinese Flower Art Exhibition at Bellevue Botanical Garden. Go on a day date with your mom in Bellevue and admire meticulously crafted floral arrangements. Members of the Hua Yuan School arrange a wide variety of plants including blossoms, vines, branches, barks, and grass. 

The art of Chinese flower arrangement, also known as Ikebana (which roughly translates to “making flowers come alive“) in Japan, is guided by the idea that floral arrangement brings nature and humanity together. The aesthetic meets the philosophic, and arrangements seek to bring out the natural beauty of each flower and express emotion. Centuries of history have shaped the art of Chinese floral arrangement, and this exhibit is a chance to see a contemporary interpretation of the art, and maybe learn a little something about floriography

This event is free and requires no pre-registration to visit. The Bellevue Botanical Garden is largely ADA compliant so besides the indoor exhibit, the rest of the gardens are readily accessible (you can find a map of accessibility throughout the gardens here). This may be the perfect post-brunch stop and maybe you can impress your mom with your own Chinese floral art-inspired arrangement! 

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Miranda Hardy

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