Burlesque Tributes to Moms We Love to Fawn Over

Want some burlesque with your brunch? 🥞

📸: Courtesy Puckduction | Eartha Quake

Friday, May 12th @ The Give Inn • 8 pm
Saturday, May 13th @ Olmstead • 9 pm
Sunday, May 14th @ Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co. • 12 pm

Let’s be real: Mother’s Day brunches are boring, bouquets wilt and die, and old-school definitions of motherhood are too narrow to acknowledge the world’s many-gendered nurturers. That’s where MILF comes in. Tagged as “A Burlesque Tribute to the Moms We Love to… Fawn Over,” MILF is three days of fabulous burlesque co-produced by inimitable local performers Mx. Pucks A’Plenty and Moxie Blue, honoring mothering in its many forms—and showing MILFs are so much more than spicy slang from the ’90s. “Being a MILF is sort of an amazing badge of honor I wear, especially as a nonbinary burlesque artist, especially in a larger body,” says Mx. Pucks A’Plenty. “Being able to help curate this MILF-apalooza for Mother’s Day weekend is really something else! What a Seattle way to spend the weekend, seeing burlesque all over the city that is featuring moms having full bodily autonomy to create performance art!”

The festivities begin Friday, May 12th, at Ballard’s Give Inn, continue into Saturday, and culminate in a welcome spin on the classic Mother’s Day Sunday brunch with burlesque legend Eartha Quake. If you think this isn’t what your mom would be into, ask! As Moxie Blue puts it: “We have this image where mothers should look and act a certain way. Why? Burlesque is political. Being a mother is becoming increasingly political. Having a body that isn’t ‘perfect’ is political. So what better way to celebrate how political our bodies and motherhood are than by putting it on stage to celebrate and telling stories. Mothers should be celebrated. And we’re going to do that.”

You can buy tickets here.

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