Bomba Estéreo @ The Paramount Theatre

Psychedelic cumbia 🇨🇴

Published September 23, 2022

Bomba Estereo performing on stage
Too Late — You Missed It!

It’s hard to believe that psych cumbia band Bomba Estéreo is already out with their 6th studio album, but it’s true. The Columbian band, led by Liliana Saumet (vocals) and Simón Mejía (electronics), is on tour with Deja, a pandemic-era album that Rolling Stone called “a party record for a world in crisis.” It’s a sweet line for a sweeter album, which boosted the band to even more mainstream status and snagged them a spot on Bad Bunny’s new album, Un Verano Sin Ti. 

Bomba Estéreo’s been on the US leg of their tour since August 17, and they’re now in the tour’s final stretch. They wrap up in LA after this week and then head to Mexico. With so many cumbia fans in Seattle, especially of the psychedelic variety (shoutout to Freakout Fest’s partnership with KEXP’s El Sonido), you can expect this to be a busy show.



📸: Paramount Theatre

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