Bloodywood @ El Corazon

Indian folk metal 🤘

📸: Courtesy Bloodywood

In 2023 the world of heavy metal is more diverse than ever. We’ve got blasphemous Polish death metal band Behemoth, Babymetal—the Japanese pop-metal band fronted by teenage girls—Mongolian metal band The Hu playing Metallica covers on the morin khuur (aka the horsehead fiddle) and even the returning animated metal icons Dethklok.

But you haven’t experienced the full range of what this genre can offer until you’ve seen Indian folk metal band Bloodywood do their thing. Combining traditional Indian instrumentation with the rap-rock vocal stylings of nu metal acts like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit and heavy down-tuned guitar riffs, Bloodywood burst onto the scene back in 2016 with their unique take on pop songs. Earning a huge following on YouTube, the New-Delhi-based band has caught worldwide attention and amassed millions of views on videos for singles “Gadaar” and “Aaj.”

There’s no doubt this show will be a blast and it’s likely this might be your only chance to catch them in such an intimate setting like El Corazon. Show up early and check out UK electro-punkers Wargasm and Vended, the young up-and-coming back founded by Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahon, the sons of two founding members of Slipknot.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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Kevin Diers

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