Babe Night @ The Woods

A femme utopian dreamworld 🌎

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Third Thursdays • 9 pm – 2 am

A monthly DJ event dedicated to femme-centric dance music on vinyl, Babe Night multiplies the spirit behind Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” to outrageous dimensions. Created by DJ Waxwitch (Isabela Garcia) in the fall of 2022, Babe Night thus far has been co-hosted by DJ Mala Noche (Amanda B. Ochoa), with other babe selectors primed to take on deck duties moving forward.

Garcia describes Babe Night as “an uncynical pursuit of fun and feminine energy, embracing a femme utopian dreamworld strongly evidenced in ’90s Eurohouse, trance, and other nostalgic dance-floor classics.” Some of the tunes that get the hedonistic crowd most stoked include Venga Boys’ “We Like To Party,” Technotronic’s “Pump Up The Jam,” and Alice DeeJay’s “Better Off Alone,” but Waxwitch and Mala Noche occasionally go deeper. The night that I hit found Dawn Penn’s “You Don’t Love Me (No No No),” Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s “Fire,” and the Slits’ “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” inspiring attendees to bust moves.

Babe Night happens every third Thursday at The Woods, but Garcia hopes to land one or two pop-up locations a month at other venues. Girls—and, let’s be honest, boys, and nonbinary folks, too—just want to have fun… and in many different places.

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Dave Segal

Dave Segal

Dave Segal is a freelance music writer for The Wire, Pitchfork, Aquarium Drunkard, and other publications. He formerly served as staff writer at The Stranger and as managing editor at Alternative Press. Find him on Twitter @editaurus