Avril Lavigne: The Greatest Hits @ White River Amphitheatre

He was a… 🛹 👶

📸: Avril Lavigne

📆 Saturday, May 25th
🎟 $29.50 – $159.50
📍 White River Amphitheatre: 40601 Auburn Enumclaw Rd SE, Auburn

It’s been 20 years since Avril Lavigne released her sophomore album, Under My Skin. Feel old yet?

Ever since bursting onto the scene with her early 2000s edgy mega-hits “Complicated” and “SK8R Boi,” Lavigne cemented herself as part of the foundation of mainstream pop punk with all her black eyeliner, studded bracelets, and chip-on-her-shoulder attitude. As a former tween and Avril Lavigne acolyte myself, I loved the contrast between her crooning about the knotty implications of love and life and the brash, thrashing guitar wails and intense percussion. It felt tortured, poetic, and appropriately dramatic for the times. 

In honor of Under My Skin’s 20th anniversary, the Canadian singer-songwriter is celebrating the milestone by going on a Greatest Hits Tour, eschewing her B-sides for all the tracks she’s best known for. Prepare to lament the end of a relationship with the grungy “Happy Ending,” careen into the power pop punk bliss that is the cloying sweet “Girlfriend,” then put your lighters up and wipe away the tears to “I’m With You.” If that wasn’t enough nostalgia for you, Warped Tour favorites All Time Low is opening for Avril along with electro pop act, Royal & the Serpent

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