Alison Roman @ Neptune Theatre

Never peel ginger 🫚

📸: Alison Roman: Gives Solicited Advice Tour

📅 Sunday, May 5th
🎟 $37.50
📍 Neptune Theatre: 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle

If you’re a millennial and you’ve dabbled in making buzzy recipes from internet personalities, you’ve absolutely made something from the red-nailed, sardonic chef Alison Roman

Perhaps you’ve whipped up her viral “The Stew,” an herby, chickpea-filled stew made with coconut milk and turmeric. Or maybe you’ve baked “The Cookies,” a shortbread-like chocolate chip cookie topped with big hefts of flaky salt. Personally, I’m a fan of her shallot pasta, which is made of shallots, anchovies, tomato paste, and thick bucatini noodles. Just as popular as her recipes are her funny and randomly strong opinions regarding all things cooking, like never peeling ginger, calling rice “filler,” and not liking sandwiches. 

Over the past year, Roman has moved her opinions out of the kitchen and into the recording booth with her new podcast, Solicited Advice, where her friends and fans come to her with questions about love, life—and food, of course. Now she’s taking the show on the road for her “Alison Roman Gives Solicited Advice (Live)” tour, and on May 5th, she’s landing at The Neptune. Roman is inviting the public to prod and poke her brain with queries they think she may have the answer to. In an Instagram post, the chef says this will “deeply and truly be… live.” So expect the unexpected!

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