Acid Tongue, Biblioteka, & Brittany Davis @ Tractor Tavern

Presented by KEXP 📻

📸: Courtesy Acid Tongue | Photo by Travis Trautt

Wednesday, May 24th • 8 pm

Tonight’s set includes three big Seattle acts, all presented by KEXP at Tractor Tavern in Ballard.

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First up: Acid Tongue has been shaping its rock and roll sound since 2015 with a rotating cast of global musicians, including folks from Seattle, New York, London, and Mexico City. This malleable lineup allows each Acid Tongue show to be a special and energetic experience. At its core are band members Ian Cunningham and Guy Keltner, also behind Seattle’s Freakout Records with their collaborator Skyler Locatelli. The creative thread of introspective psych rock can be followed through the many facets of Acid Tongue and Freakout.

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Next, Seattle’s Biblioteka will bring its dreamy garage rock sound to the evening. Biblioteka entered the Freakout Records roster with its full-length debut album Pretty Ugly in 2022, fitting right in with its gauzy sound. From anti-capitalist bangers to reflective lyrical craft, Biblioteka takes its audience on a ride. The catchy hooks will get you.

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Singer-songwriter Brittany Davis is a multi-talented artist whose creative force became clear to me after I watched them play live as part of the band Painted Sheild. Even with Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard in the band, this felt like the Brittany Davis show, with unreal key solos coming from them. And their voice goes with their keyboard playing like bread and butter. I have yet to see Brittany Davis perform their solo project live, but this show is a prime opportunity—don’t miss it before they blow up!

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Miranda Hardy

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