Ace Aura @ Trinity Nightclub

Gem boi 💎

📸: Courtesy Ace Aura

Thursday, March 23rd • 9:30 pm 

Texas DJ Ace Aura will shine some vibrance on Seattle’s dubstep scene when he takes the stage at Trinity on Thursday. 

If you’re a local basshead like me, you might recognize that Aura was just in Emerald City for Thunderdome and Jason Ross. However, he’s bringing his Crystal Coalition tour to Seattle this time, making it his first headline run.

Aura is currently the face of melodic riddim, but he’s been crafting his signature sound for over ten years. When starting out, he envisioned having a cord-like bass sound, wanting to combine melody and intensity as one element instead of treating them as separate entities. He kept experimenting, and through a highly conceptual writing process that included inspirations from his faith, he made that vision come to life.

If you’re ready to give yourself some self-love—or just want to resist having another boring night—head on over to Trinity to headbang your little heart out

Pro tip: Get there early enough to see Kotori and support a local Seattle producer.

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