The Long Island Medium @ The Moore Theatre

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Psychic medium Theresa Caputo
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Friday, October 1 • 7:30 pm 

I’ve found the perfect event to kick off Seattle’s Halloween season. On October 1, American psychic Theresa Caputo, the star of TLC’s Long Island Medium and host of the podcast “Hey Spirit,” hosts her “life-changing” show in the city’s most haunted theater. Caputo, who you may know for her vertically voluminous blonde hair, is ghost-whispering across the country on her live tour and we all get to watch. 

Caputo talks about her life and supernatural gift in these shows, and she (of course) channels spirit energy to “deliver healing messages” to the audience. A ticket to the show doesn’t guarantee any spirits you know will chat with you via Caputo, but anything could happen, especially if you consider the show’s venue.

The Moore Theater has a storied spectral past. According to Ghost City Tours and an episode of Ghost Hunters, the Moore sits on top of Seattle’s oldest cemetery and conspiracy theorists have argued that it was the real location of Kurt Cobain’s overdose. People say ghosts come to watch the performances and the curtains always smell like cigars. It’s a whole thing. With all of this history in mind, it’s safe to assume Caputo will have a lot of spiritual energy to sift through during her Seattle show. I think she might open up a portal into a ghost dimension. Very Halloween-y! 

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