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Collide-O-Scope @ Here-After

It's only half-weird if you're high 👀

SAM Remix @ Olympic Sculpture Park

Party next to sculptures under moonlight 🌙

A person holds up a "Remix Tours" sign, indicating she will take people on tours throughout SAM.
Too Late — You Missed It!

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) regularly throws a big late-night art party called SAM Remix. The evening’s programming “remixes” SAM’s collection by inviting local artists and performers to commune with the art, reinterpret it, see it in fresh ways, and, most importantly, throw a party. Museum exhibits can be cold or empty spaces, but Remix nights are friendly and packed.

This edition of SAM Remix happens in and around the Olympic Sculpture Park, high on the list of Seattle’s finest parks. Rumor has it there will be:

🪩 a “femme disco and vintage dance” DJ set

🕺 pop-up dance performances

✨ a sculpture inspired by Ojibwe jingle dresses

🌌 a drag show inspired by the night sky

💦 a queer hyperpop party inspired by poppers

🔮 tarot card readings

🦇 a tour about bats

And that’s only half the night’s itinerary.

📸: Seattle Art Museum

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