Where to Go Before and After a Show in Lower Queen Anne

Records! Oysters! Speakeasies galore! 🦪

📸: La Dive Queen Anne | Reva Keller

So many excellent venues throw events in the condensed Seattle neighborhood of Lower Queen Anne (LQA). While you might often rush to a movie, show, or concert right after work, sometimes you have time to kill before or after a show. Luckily, LQA (or Uptown, as the city wants us to start calling it) is home to a fantastic record store, many excellent restaurants, and cool bars for some post-event decompressing

Royal Records storefront in Lower Queen Anne.

📸: Royal Records


Peruse LPs at Royal Records

A great way to kill time in LQA is to swing through Royal Records on the corner of Queen Anne Avenue and West Roy Street. Founded by two former employees of the late great Everyday Music on Capitol Hill, Royal Records has cemented its status as a premiere spot to find an exciting selection of physical media. Comb through the shelves of new and used vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes, DVDs, VHSes, books, and laser discs (though I imagine those might be too big to fit in your bag). Caffe Ladro is located just around the corner if you need fuel for your shopping. 

📍Royal Records: 2 W Roy St, Seattle
Open daily from 11 am – 7 pm
📞 (206) 281-5275

Four people clink glasses at Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar in Queen Anne.

📸: Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar


Grab some grub 🦪

There’s nothing worse than sitting through a three-hour performance with nothing but a $12 can of Rainier in your belly. Luckily, LQA has some great spots to meet and eat with your buddies before the show. There’s Sal y Limón, a spacious Mexican cantina with two floors and tasty tacos. Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar is located right on Republican across from the Seattle Center for those keen to slurp down some oysters. I’m always rushing to get to my event on time, so I love to wolf down a Dicks Deluxe, fries, and a Diet Coke while standing up at the Dick’s on Queen Anne Ave. A time crunch always makes things taste better. 

📍Sal Y Limón: 10 Mercer St, Seattle

📍Taylor Shellfish Oyster Bar: 124 Republican St, Seattle

📍Dick’s: 500 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle

A still of the Climate Pledge Arena inside the Seattle Center

📸: Climate Pledge Arena


It’s showtime, baby 🎭

What are you up to tonight? Maybe you’re checking out the experimental performance fare at On the Boards. Or perhaps you’re headed to SIFF Uptown with its three screens of indie flicks and reasonably priced snacks. The KEXP Gathering Space has been known to host an intimate concert or two, and if you’re chilling with your kids, the Vera Project next dooris an all-ages heaven. Seattle Center is also home to so many venues like McCaw Hall, the Seattle Children’s Theatre, and Seattle Rep. And, of course, there’s the big daddy of them all, Climate Pledge Arena, which hosts big-ticket names like Bad Bunny and blink-182—just be sure to bring a clear bag with you!

The interior of Rich Rich in Lower Queen Anne.

📸: Rich Rich


Sip the Rich Juice 🧃

As much as I love going to a show, I love debriefing the night with my event-mates over a drink almost as much. Might I suggest La Dive? The popular Capitol Hill natural wine spot has birthed a new LQA location with all the same fine wines and an expanded menu. Feast on their mortadella sandwich while sipping tart orange wines for maximum enjoyment. La Dive is a vibe, but if you’re looking for something even vibey-er, head to the alley outback and check out the wine bar’s speakeasy, Rich Rich. With its moody pink lighting, impressive behind-the-bar display, and cozy booths, there are enough corners to gossip in while sipping cocktails like their signature Rich Juice

Other great bar spotsAgave Cocina & Tequila is super close to Seattle Center. If you’re down for a walk, you could check out the divey experience at Streamline Tavern. Or grab a slice of pizza at Big Mario’s, then get a gin and tonic at Bad Bar right next door.


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