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It’s time to WFC (work from coffee shop) ☕

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There’s nothing quite like working or studying in a cozy, warm coffee shop in Seattle. But not all coffee shops are built the same—some close at 2 pm, some have few outlets, and others have stale pastries. My criteria for a good spot to plug into comes down to three simple points: a cafe must have a solid amount of outlets, a menu with substantial and tasty food (or easily accessible food nearby), and not close too early in the afternoon. 

@theticketsea It’s time to WFC (work from coffee shop) ☕   There’s nothing quite like working or studying in a cozy, warm coffee shop in Seattle. But not all coffee shops are built the same—some close at 2 pm, some have few outlets, and others have stale pastries. ☕️ @Onda Origins ☀️ Seattle Sunshine Coffee 🍵 Boon Boona Coffee All of these spots fit the bill and we’ve got even more at the link in our bio! #seattlecoffeescene #theticketseattle #coffeeshopwork ♬ original sound – TheTicketSeattle
Here’s a list of six spots around Seattle that hit all those marks with flying colors.

Seattle Sunshine Coffee

Bryant – North Seattle

📍Seattle Sunshine Coffee: 5508 35th Ave NE, Seattle
⏰ Open every day: 6 am – 6 pm
📞 (206) 420-8461
📧 SeattleSunshineCoffee@gmail.com

In Seattle’s Bryant neighborhood near the Calvary Cemetery, Seattle Sunshine Coffee is a great place to crack into some emails. Out front, an awning greets you proclaiming, “ESPRESSO ∙ BAKED GOODS ∙ SANDWICHES ∙ WIFI ∙ LOCAL,” all things Seattle Sunshine Coffee does exceptionally well. Inside, you’ll find a bunch of tables and a second floor with just as much seating. Plugs are mostly limited to the perimeter of the space but are easy to access if you get there on the early side. It gets busy. However, the noise hovers at perfect coffee shop levels. (Disclaimer: I like a little bit of background noise. It makes me feel alive.) 

Seattle Sunshine Coffee serves up Lighthouse Roasters espresso, which is creamy and good to sip on as you hack down your to-do list. There’s a menu of sandwiches and breakfast burritos courtesy of HH Market Goods, as well as pastries from Macrina Bakery. If you need inspiration, look at the Chihuly-esque sculpture in the middle of space with its whirly, curly, pretty colored glass squiggles.

Ballard Coffee Works

Ballard – North Seattle

📍Ballard Coffee Works: 2060 NW Market St, Seattle
⏰ Open on Mon – Fri: 6:30 am – 7 pm | Sat – Sun: 7 am – 7 pm
📞 (206) 340-8867

If I’m in Ballard with a deadline quickly approaching, I love ducking into Ballard Coffee Works. A part of a string of Seattle Coffee Works cafes, the Ballard location is spacious, wooden, and truly outlet-rich. There are many tables and counters, with enough room to accommodate a friend or two who wants to co-work alongside you. Their in-house roasted espresso is bright and delicious, keeping me caffeinated enough to finish my work.

Ballard Coffee Works has an impressive selection of pastries, from savory scones to banana bread, but if you want to run out for a quick bite, Ballard has tons of places to grab lunch. Since it’s located right on Market Street, I always feel pretty close to the action and love sitting near the windows to people-watch.

Peloton Cafe

First Hill – Central Seattle

📍 Peloton Cafe Bike Shop: 1220 E Jefferson St, Seattle
⏰ Open on Mon – Fri: 9 am – 9 pm | Sat – Sun: 9 am – 2 pm
📞 (206) 569-4265

I’m obsessed with Peloton Cafe. Partly because it’s one of the most Seattle places to exist. It’s both a cafe and a bicycle repair shop, pulling espresso shots and offering an extensive menu of vegetarian, gluten-free meals. Hearing the sounds of the bike repair as I buckle down to sort out my calendar makes me feel like I’m cooking with gas

There are two levels, both with adequate access to plugs. During the week, it’s relatively easy to find seating to power through whatever work you need to get done. Peloton is open way later than other cafes on this list, with a closing time of 9 pm on weekdays. As such, their menu is extensive: coffee; two whole pages of meat, veg, and vegan breakfasts (I love their basic breakfast sandwich with bacon); solid happy hour specials; dinner; and drinks. It’s easy to transition from breakfast to lunch (or lunch to dinner), meet with a coworker, or unwind with a book. Plus, there’s outdoor seating if you want to send emails in pure sunshine. More Peloton, please!

West Seattle Grounds

North Admiral – West Seattle

📍 West Seattle Grounds: 2141 California Ave SW, Seattle
⏰ Open on Mon – Thurs: 6 am – 4 pm | Fri: 6 am – 7 pm | Sat: 6 am – 4 pm | Sun: 7 am – 5 pm📞 (206) 708-1018
📧 wsgcoffee@gmail.com

This West Seattle coffee shop in Admiral is a cozy, sunny place to get some work done. Since there’s one table, West Seattle Grounds is better for study-ers/WFH-ers looking to get some things done solo. Counters run around the perimeter of the cafe with a tall island in the middle, with just enough space to spread out your laptop, agenda, and cafe food items. Though they have bar stools, for this 5’6″ writer, WSG’s counters are perfect standing desk height

This coffee shop brews Caffé Vita espresso and serves up light bites like sriracha, egg, cheese, and bacon breakfast sammies, and Dudes Donuts. There are plenty of outlets, so you can post up for a while. And because WSG is a stop on the West Seattle Art Walk (held every second Thursday of the month!), the cafe always has art to consider if you want to stretch and get your eyes off a screen. 

The Station

Beacon Hill – South Seattle

📍 The Station – Beacon Hill: 1600 S Roberto Maestas Festival St, Seattle
⏰ Open on Mon – Fri: 7 am – 5 pm | Sat – Sun: 8 am – 5 pm
📞 (206) 931-1357
📧 thestationcoffeeshop@gmail.com

Conveniently located next to the Beacon Hill light rail stop, The Station is possibly the coziest place on this list to balance spreadsheets and sip on some java. Since Luis Rodriguez and Leona Moore-Rodriguez opened the joint in 2010, The Station has been vital to the vibrant Beacon Hill community. It serves as a meeting point, an event space, and regularly sells products from local BIPOC creatives. “We’re more than just a coffee shop!” they say. And it’s true! 

Because of the community vibes, The Station is a pretty popular spot, so make sure to get there early. There’s a substantial number of outlets and a good number of tables. Not only do they have delicious espresso drinks like the D’Angelo—a brown sugar latte—but their sausage, egg, cheese, and tomato breakfast sandwich is bussin’ as well. They close at 5 pm, just in time for you to close your workday. And they are opening a second location in Columbia City, so we’ll soon have double The Station fun.

Onda Origins Cafe & Roastery

Hillman City – South Seattle

📍 Onda Origins Cafe & Roastery: 5600 Rainier Ave S Unit A, Seattle
⏰ Open on Mon – Fri: 6:30 am – 5 pm | Sat – Sun: 7 am – 5 pm
📞 (206) 313-9765
📧 info@ondaorigins.com

If you’re down in Hillman City, Onda Origins Cafe & Roastery is the right spot to set up camp for the morning or afternoon. You may have spotted Onda Origins coffee in other parts of Seattle at the locally-owned bakery chain Fresh Flours, but this Rainier Avenue location is Onda’s flagship cafe and roastery. While the shop isn’t huge, there’s enough room to set up your virtual workplace, munch on Fresh Flour pastries, and cut into whatever work needs to get done before they close at 5 pm. If you get around by car, there’s tons of neighborhood parking, and if you take the bus, the 7 stop is right near their block. 

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