Where to Find Local Last-Minute Gifts in Seattle

A big list from BIPOC makers and shops 🎁

📸: Catshy Crafts at Pike Place Market

Hello, fellow procrastinators. I know holiday shopping can be a drag.

The struggle to find the perfect (or any) gift can lead us down the gift card hall of shame—or tipsy shopping at the big online store that must not be named. Don’t fret, Seattle. I’ve put together this last-minute shopping guide that has options for everyone, from children to grandfolks. 

Everything listed here is created by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) artists and small business owners in the Pacific Northwest. The PNW is a place where the recent Black Black Friday initiative started, aiming to support Black entrepreneurs in creating generational wealth. This list carries the spirit of that initiative.

Tip: This round-up isn’t just for the holidays! Bookmark this page for your year-round gift-giving needs. And remember: shipping times! It’s best to buy in person if you’re getting stuff last minute. 

Plants from Boosh Nursery

2311 S Jackson St, Seattle

📸: Boosh Nursery

Shawn from Boosh Nursery pointing to the sign outside the storefront.

Pick up this Alocasia Pink Princess Elephant Ear from the plant gurus at Boosh Nursery. Its large, heart-shaped leaves adorned with splashes of pink and green add a touch of elegance to any space. There are so many leafed lovelives for the green thumb in your life.
🌿🌸 Plant prices vary by size
🏬 Available in store @ 2311 S Jackson St, Seattle

Chocolates from Hot Chocolat

📸: Hot Chocolat

An assorted box of 24 pieces of chocolate from Hot Chocolat

An assorted chocolate box from Hot Chocolat is filled with flavors like cayenne caramel, mango and passion fruit, and chocolate ganache. Coming in multiple sizes from 5 to 24 pieces, it’s a guaranteed palate pleaser. You could also gift a chocolate or macaroon-making class—because that’s a gift that gives back!
🍫🍬 Chocolate boxes ranging from $19.95–$85
💻 Available online or
🏬 At pop-up markets, follow Hot Chocolat’s IG for more info

Prints from Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery

9414 Delridge Way SW, Seattle

📸: Nepantla Gallery

An artist print of Frida Kahlo from Nepantla Gallery

Consider getting a print from a local artist, like this one of Frida Kahlo, Frida y Las Flores by Jake Prendez, owner of the Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery. At $20, it’s an affordable option for art lovers. You could also stop in the gallery’s gift shop for other options like candles, pottery, and stickers!
 🖼 Print $20 
💻 Available online or
🏬 In store @ 9414 Delridge Way SW, Seattle

Puppets from the Duwamish Tribe

4705 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle

📸: Duwamish Longhouse Store

Storyteller’s hand puppets from the Duwamish Longhouse Store are not only adorable, but they are perfect to put on an after-the-presents-are-unwrapped puppet show. Many characters are available, like Bizzy the Beaver, Splash the Orca, and Howler the Wolf. Plus, the gift shop has all sorts of things like coffee, art, and clothing.
🧸 Puppets $20
💻 Available online or
🏬 In store @ 4705 W Marginal Way SW, Seattle

Totes from TANDI

2301 E Union St Suite H, Seattle

The TANDI Tote With Luxe Insert

This TANDI tote bag and laptop Insert is stylish and practical. You can find it at the gift shop at the Arte Noir retail space, which is chock full of items like whiskey glasses, journals, and art.
🛍 Tote $75
💻 Available online or
🏬 In store at 2301 E Union Street, Suite H, Seattle

Ale from 23rd Ave Brewery

2313 South Jackson St, Seattle

📸: 23rd Ave Brewery

YouTube video

The Pepper Peach Ale from 23rd Ave Brewery in the Central District is a blend of sweet and spicy that titillates tastebuds. Brewed with fresh serrano peppers and peaches, the beer pays homage to families living in warmer climates. The brewery also offers many other types of locally crafted beer, so make a mix of six.
🍻🍺 Price varies by size
🏬 Available in store @ 2313 South Jackson St, Seattle

More brick and mortar stores 🏬

The Black Arts Love store has a selection of candles, journals, stationery, home decor, and more—all by Black creatives.
📍417 E Pike St, Seattle

Noir Lux Candle Co. not only has an amazing array of scents for your home, but they also have a gift shop featuring Black vendors and makers onsite.
📍 3020 Warren Pl, Seattle

Loving Room Books at 1400 20th Ave and Mam’s Books at 608 Maynard Ave S are both local BIPOC-owned independent bookstores for all the bookworms in your life. 

Care packages from Infinity Well Holistic Wellness 

📸: Mood Food

A Mood Food care package handpicked by a certified wellness coach.

The Mood Food care package from Infinity Well Holistic Wellness, based in Washington state, is a self-care kit that includes mood mists, sea salt sachets, incense, and affirmations. And they can be customized by sharing a little info on the recipient!
📦🧘‍♂️ Package $40
💻 Available online or
🙌 Local pickups available in Seattle, select “local pickup” at checkout

Hair clips from Catshy Crafts

📸: Catshy Crafts

Taco Hair Clips from Catshy Crafts

Get cute felt hair clips from Catshy Crafts to accessorize the kiddos. Toasts, avocados, cats, and even smiling tacos! There are other accessories available, like pins, headbands, and room decor.
🎀 Various Prices
💻 Available online
🏬 Available weekly at Pike Place Market. Follow Catshy Crafts’ IG for up-to-date times.

Makeup from Mo’s Parlor

📸: Mo’s Parlor

The Pearl White Cream Highlighter from Mo's Parlor in Bellingham, WA

This cream highlighter and blush from Mo’s Parlor is phenomenal. The small tins are packed with portable, non-liquid (less messy) shimmer. They also make excellent stocking stuffers. Mo’s has more items like lip gloss, body butter, and even nail polish.
✨ Highlighter $12.50
💻 Available online

Coffee beans from Seed to Bean

417 E Pike St, Seattle

📸: Seed to Bean

Could there ever be too much coffee in the city considered the world center for the magic bean? The Honey Buzz’n Java from Seed to Bean is a trippy take on the brewed beverage and featuring single-origin beans. They also offer a “Brew Crew” subscription service!
☕️ Prize varies by size: $19.90–$39.50
💻 Available online or
🏬 In store at Black Arts Love @ 417 E Pike St, Seattle

Fragrances from Nose of Gatsby

417 E Pike St, Seattle

📸: Nose of Gatsby

The BURNING PIANO fragrance from Nose of Gatsby

BURNING PIANO, a hand-crafted fragrance from Nose of Gatsby, captures the artist’s dream, torched. The scent is gutsy, creative, earthy, smoky, with a touch of tenderness. A smell that embodies a ritualistic release. All are bottled by hand, one bottle at a time.
👃🔥🎹 Fragrance $150
💻 Available online or
🏬 In store at Black Arts Love @ 417 E Pike Street, Seattle

Children’s books from Kuen Kuen Liu Spichiger

📸: Kuen Art Shop

A girl holding up a copy of the book Bee Umbrella Sky

Bee Umbrella Sky is a book about the Miao legend surrounding the art of Batik. Written and illustrated by Kuen Kuen Liu Spichiger, it also includes an illustrated fabric scroll. Plus, her online store includes fun games and books to up the imagination.
📖 Book $49.90
💻 Available online

Pottery from Jess Rene

📸: Jess Rene

This clay collander from artist Jess Rene is practical, beautiful, and affordable. What more could you want? Plus, in addition to stoneware, Rene offers medicinals, tinctures, and coffee alternatives. 🥣 Pottery at $34 & up
💻 Available online

Shroom earrings from Hadley

📸: Hadley

Speaking of interesting objects, check out these shroom earrings from local artist Hadley‘s online shop. Grab some of these vibe earrings for your bestie or Upcycled clothing for the sustainability-conscious.
🍄🦻Shroom earrings $35
💻 Available online

Hoodies from Alter Ego Expressions

📸: Alter Ego Expressions

A cropped hoodie from Alter Ego Expressions

Grab a cropped hoodie from Alter Ego Expressions. Ideal for those sometimes hot, sometimes cold days. They also carry t-shirt dresses, umbrellas, socks, and fanny packs featuring the alternative artwork of Ayanna Ali.
🎽 Hoodie $55
💻 Available online

Prints from Chris Coleman

📸: Chris Coleman

Biting lips canvas print by local Seattle artist Chris Coleman

The Pixel Lips Canvas Print from local artist Chris Coleman is a fun addition to home or office walls. It also comes on a tote bag, hoodie, or phone case.
🖼 Print $50
🛍Tote bag $15-25
🎽Hoodie $65
📱Phone case $25

💻 Available online

Bolo ties from Aunty Monstera

📸: Aunty Monstera

Get a Witch King Bolo for your favorite witch in your life. Jocelyn Doffner, aka Aunty Monstera—and yes, you can call her Aunty—makes some of the most unique items around. Check out the jewelry, which includes earrings galore in her online store.
👑 Bolo $35
💻 Available online


Patheresa Wells

Patheresa Wells is a Black/Persian, Pansexual, Polyamorous Poet (so many Ps) and writer living in Seatac. An aspiring comic, you can catch her cracking jokes at open mics around the area. In her free time, she likes to imagine what she’d do with free time and feed her backyard crows cuz they’re silly. Follow her on Twitter @PatheresaWells.

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