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National Pizza Day should be a federal holiday 🍕

The storefront for Proletariat Pizza in White Center

If Cupid’s arrow isn’t quite hitting for you this February, here’s a holiday to get behind: National Pizza Day. Falling on Thursday, February 9th, the holiday is a great and silly excuse to treat yourself to some of the best pizza slices around Seattle. And there’s no need to share: As actor Bill Murray once said, “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.”

The Pesto Slice @ Hot Mama’s Pizza

700 E Pine St, Seattle

📸: Courtesy Hot Mama’s Pizza

Someone once told me a pizza isn’t a pizza without red sauce—but I’m not here to gatekeep. The beauty of living in Seattle, a city without a distinct namesake pizza, is that there are a diversity of pies available to carb-lovers of all palates. National Pizza Day is on Thursday, February 9th. Use the day as an excuse to celebrate the freestyle slice at a pizza sanctuary near you. 

Among the manifold cheap late-night food choices in Capitol Hill, the famous New York-style 🍕PESTO SLICE🍕 at Hot Mama’s Pizza serves serious main character energy. The star: an herbaceous, green base confidently announcing itself from underneath a chewy layer of bubbly, golden-brown mozzarella and salty feta crumbles. Yeah, the crunchy, thick crust isn’t as foldable as those of its east coast cousins, but it has helped fill the pizza-shaped hole in my heart after nights of misadventure. To really romanticize your life, bask in the glow of neon at one of the wiry, graffiti-and-sticker-laden tables on the sidewalk and watch the world go by. 

Owners Krista and David Nelson and crew have been slinging ‘za in the neighborhood since 1995. Pesto is a mainstay among their to-go slices, but try 🍕MAMA’S CHOICE🍕 if it’s available. The addition of tomato slices, mushrooms, and roasted garlic kick this verdant pie up a notch. Another good choice: the sweet-and-savory 🍕BBQ CHICKEN🍕 slice topped with cilantro. To continue riding your big-city high: walk a block south to Salt & Straw for artisanal ice cream scoops, or head across the street to Linda’s Tavern for the Prickly Pear Margarita made with house-infused jalapeno tequila. | 🖊️ MEGHNA JARADI

🌶️ Visit Hot Mama’s Pizza @ 700 E Pine St in Capitol Hill, Seattle

The Pepperoni Pizza @ Proletariat Pizza

9622-A 16th Ave SW, White Center

📸: Courtesy Proletariat Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza from Proletariat!

Personally, I’m a freak for a foldable slice. So one of my top pizza recommendations is straightforward: the simplicity of the 🍕PEPPERONI PIZZA🍕 at famous White Center’s famous Proletariat Pizza. (There’s a lot of famous going on here—Proletariat calls itself “the pizza that made White Center famous.”) Made with Zoe’s Meats’ pepperoni, this slice performs mouth-gymnastics with each bite. And since Proletariat sells by the slice, feel free to grab a few. The menu offers options for all the veg, vegan, and gluten-free folks.

As for the vibes? Proletariat has what a pizza joint needs:
✅ Pizza by the slice? Check.
✅ Local tap list? Check!
✅ Tiny arcade in the back? Check!!

It started in 2009 as a family-friendly spot and has grown to be a neighborhood staple. (It made Mashed’s list as The Best Pizza in Washington State! 🤯) Pro tip: Stop at the Salvadorean Bakery nearby for post-pizza pastries. And hit Southgate Roller Rink to drink while you roll off the carbs. We made you a whole planner over here. | 🖊️ PATHERESA WELLS

✊ Visit Proletariat Pizza @ 9622-A 16th Ave SW in “Rat City,” AKA White Center

“My Hot Date” Pizza Slice @ Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

178 Sunset Ave S, Edmonds

📸: Courtesy Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

"My Hot Date" pizza from Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

If scheduling Hinge dates at your go-to spot is starting to feel like a chore, it might be time to get out of town. Head north to Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar in Edmonds and order the 🍕“MY HOT DATE”🍕 slice for a pun-inducing, shareable slice. It begins with the usual introductions: a garlic-roasted olive oil base and whole milk mozz. I’ll admit I was skeptical about the rest: funky gorgonzola and slivers of sweet Medjool dates. But the tang of balsamic drizzle plays wingman and ties it all together. And that crust. Bartender Niles Peacock perfected his thin-yet-pillowy crust with a 128-year-old sourdough starter, gifted to him by mentor Will Grant of Sourdough Willy’s in Kingston. 

This pie won him Best Non-Traditional Pizza, Northwest at the 2022 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the world’s largest pizza trade show. Peacock closed the craft kitchen’s Wallingford location after being impacted by the pandemic, but is coming back strong after the current location’s opening in 2021. Other menu standouts: 🍕”BREAKFAST FOR DINNER”🍕, featuring a cracked egg, bacon, and a generous dusting of parmesan. Order rum-based “Netflix & Chill” to be cheeky, or choose from a selection of inventive non-alcoholic cocktails. Pro tip: Pack a blanket and walk to nearby Sunset Beach to enjoy the sunset afterward. | 🖊️ MEGHNA JARADI

🦚 Visit Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar @ 178 Sunset Ave S in Edmonds

The “DTR” Pizza @ Smoking Monkey Pizza

613 S 3rd St, Renton

📸: Courtesy Smoking Monkey Pizza

The DTR pizza at Smoking Monkey in Renton featuring sliced pears and proscuitto.

As a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, I typically start all my investigations by ordering a classic margherita pizza. But at Smoking Monkey, I suggest starting with 🍕THE “DTR” (DOWNTOWN RENTON)🍕 slice. It’s got an olive oil base, topped with mozzarella, sliced pear, smoked prosciutto, gorgonzola, and parmesan. Each bite comes with a blend of smoky/sweet/savory. I found this pizza via delivery at the start of the pandemic, and it carried me through. 

A local favorite since 2012, Smoking Monkey Pizza has got a good amount of fictional lore surrounding it. The pizza shop says it heads the “Federation of Pizza,” the world’s first interplanetary pizza delivery service and asteroid mining company. Given that description, it shouldn’t be surprising that the place incorporates a sci-fi theme. Think monkeys in space suits. Because who wouldn’t travel the universe for pizza? 

Pro tip: If you miss National Pizza Day, they offer an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3 pm. (Yes, pizza buffet!!!!) Before or after, stop by Red House for a cocktail in a 1920s-era boarding house. Or hit up 8-bit Arcade for some pinball. DTR’s got lots for you. | 🖊️ PATHERESA WELLS

🐒 Visit Smoking Monkey Pizza @ 613 S. 3rd St #B in Renton

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