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Where to spend green to get green 🤑

An exterior shot of The Reef, a cannabis shot in Capitol Hill, Seattle. It was designed by Olson Kundig.

📸: The Reef in Capitol Hill, Seattle | Designed by Olson Kundig

Seattle is full of cannabis dispensaries. Nearly every neighborhood in the city has at least a few excellent spots to pick up some green. Even better, many weed stores offer deals when you order online, on certain days of the week, or even during specific hours.

It’s a lot for a stoned brain to keep track of! That’s why we’ve organized a list of dispensaries around town and their daily deals, listed by day of the week. Return to this whenever you want to save a few dollars off your flower or pre-rolls. Just remember to imbibe responsibly and only once you’re 21 or older ✌️

Double-check deals 👀

Cannabis dispensaries often update their daily deals. Before leaving your house to visit a store, check in directly to confirm a deal is still active.

A list of deals at Forbidden Cannabis Club in Seattle, Washington.

📸: Forbidden Cannabis Club’s daily deals | Check with the store directly for up-to-date deals and specials.


Forbidden Cannabis Club (Central District)

Kick off your week by heading over to the cozy Forbidden Cannabis Club on E Union. Taking up the space once occupied by Ponder, Forbidden has a wide selection of joints, vapes, flower, oil, and rolling papers despite its relatively compact size. It’s also primely situated with the Grocery Outlet down the street and Lowrider Cookies next door, should your munchies demand immediate attention. Come through on Mondays when Forbidden offers 30% off all vape cartridges, disposable vapes, dabs, and rosin (a cannabis concentrate). They also offer 30% off seven grams of dabs or vapes daily. A perfect way to beat the Monday doldrums! 

📍Forbidden Cannabis Club: 2413 E Union St, Seattle
📞 (206) 420-2180

📸: The Bakeréé


The Bakeréé (Georgetown)

Located right on the edge of Georgetown, The Bakerééis a standout Seattle dispensary. The store is sleek and welcoming, and overall, it’s a pleasant environment when stoned. Tuesdays are a good day to roll through because they offer not one but two specials. First, get 30% off Full Spec, cookies, concentrates, and House of Cultivar products; plus, there’s their all-day, everyday deal of 20% off all online orders. Find their full list of daily specials here

📍 The Bakeréé: 74 S Lucile St, Seattle
📞 (206) 659-0574

📸: Herbs House’s daily deals | Check with the store directly for up-to-date deals and specials.


Herbs House Weed Dispensary (Ballard)

Hump Day. It’s the most existential day of the week. Instead of falling victim to ennui, head to Herbs House Weed Dispensary in the Ballard area. Located inside an old blue craftsman house, Herbs has been going strong for 11 years, selling bud and keeping the neighborhood’s stoners happy and high. Every Wednesday, they offer 20% off all CBD products. They also have excellent everyday deals—two daily happy hours (8 to 9 am and 10 to 11 pm) where you save 20% storewide and a 10% discount for military and tokers aged 62 or over. And if you forgot your cash, fear not. Herbs takes debit*!

(*Technically it’s a mobile ATM, so you will get charged an ATM processing fee.)

📍Herbs House Weed Dispensary: 716 NW 65th St, Seattle
📞 (206) 557-7388

The view from inside of Have a Heart in Belltown in Seattle, Washington.

📸: Have a Heart


Have a Heart (Belltown)

If you’re looking for an edible to pop on your way to catch a show at The Crocodile, cruise through Have a Heart’s Belltown location. As soon as you step inside, you’ll get hit with the cool visuals of the space—pleasingly arranged display cases, colorful walls, and a giant joint sculpture with a bright red cherry. They rotate all their product deals weekly, so ask your budtender what they’ve got on sale at the counter. If you have the foresight to order online, you’ll get 10% off, every day. So roll through, find something you like, and go on your merry way!

📍Have a Heart: 115 Blanchard St, Seattle
📞 (206) 588-2436

A poster showcasing Hashtag's morning happy hour deal.

📸: Hashtag Cannabis


Hashtag Cannabis (Fremont)

You’ve made it to the end of the week. Congratulations, my fellow stoner. Celebrate by picking up some bud from Hashtag Cannabis in Fremont. In business for almost a decade, it’s a neat, well-organized spot with high-quality weed and budtenders who know their stuff. While they don’t do any day-specific deals, Hashtag does a morning happy hour from 9 am to 12 pm with 20% off storewide and an evening happy hour from 9 pm to 11 pm with 15% off storewide. As a heads up, Hashtag is located right next to the south end of the Fremont Bridge, so if you’re trying to bop around Fremont Avenue proper, factor in the commute time. 

📍Hashtag Cannabis: 224 Nickerson St, Seattle
📞 (206) 946-8157

The exterior of Canna Seattle in West Seattle, Washington.

📸: Canna West Seattle


Canna (West Seattle)

Canna is holding it down in West Seattle. Situated on California Ave just a little south of the main strip, the cannabis dispensary serves up stellar weed wares in a cute, converted craftsman home. Make sure to come check them out on Saturdays, when they host an all-day happy hour with 20% off the entire store. It’s nice for the Saturday mornings and afternoons when you just wanna take your time. So wake up late, grab brunch, and pick up some weed for a nice, sunny spring walk at your own pace. 

📍Canna: 5440 California Ave SW, Seattle
📞 (206) 466-1465

The interior of The Reef in Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington, designed by Olson Kundig.

📸: The Reef | Olson Kundig


The Reef (Capitol Hill)

Sundays are meant for the coming week’s preparation: doing a big grocery shop, folding your laundry, and—of course—buying enough weed to propel you to Friday. Enter: The Reef on Capitol Hill. Their Olson Kundig-designed dispensary may seem a little overwhelming when stoned, but the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Plus, the deals rule. Every Sunday, The Reef offers 30% off ounces, perfect for those who love pre-rolling their joints for the week ahead. Also, don’t sleep on their everyday pre-order deal, which is 15% off if you order online for pickup. (Note: their discounts are not stackable!)

📍The Reef Cannabis Dispensary: 1525 E Olive Wy, Seattle
📞 (206) 466-6286


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