Where to Buy the Best Bongs and Bowls in Seattle

A big list of locally crafted cannabis glass 🌿

A glass Octopus Water Rig. It features smooth sandblasted glass, detailed eight legs, and mesmerizing eyes.

The stoners in your life probably already have pipes, but do they have pipes adorned in gold moons with matching stash jars? Does their current dab rig support local art? The Pacific Northwest is an art glass haven, and Seattle-area cannabis glass artists are creating surprising and delightful gifts.

Some semantics: I’m using “glass” as a catch-all here, but this list also includes ceramicists. Most of these creators have online stores, although you may be able to find some of them in or adjacent to your local dispensary. None of these are mass-produced, so what you see in person might be a little different.

Wonder Pipes

A "girl boss" Wonder Pipe, where the head of the bowl looks like a queen. The colors are mostly pink and white.

Ceramicist J. Wonder has built a cult following for Wonder Pipes. Her collection of fairy-tale porcelain smoking devices, all hand-carved and hand-painted with whimsical designs—think Claire’s, if it were a high-quality head shop. They make unique, unexpected gifts and beautiful coffee-table conversation pieces. Get Best Buds pipes for your favorite smoking buddy ($169.99-$445, in pinkwhite, or sunflower) and end up with a cool present for yourself.

For a bigger-ticket gift, opt for one of Wonder Pipes’ matching sets, available in some of the brand’s most popular designs: The three-piece Moon Phase Smoking Set comes with a hand pipe, ashtray, and stash jar adorned with 22K gold stars ($449.99); the three-piece Jasper Bee set includes a hand pipe, stash jar, and hexagonal ashtray with little bee accents in a decidedly less Lisa Frank orange, black, and yellow color palette ($450); and the adorably minimalist Heart Set, a duo of a hand pipe and stash jar, each painted with delicate pink hearts ($179.99).

Special K Glass

A blue cannabis glass piece created by Special K

Kris Uhlhom, who works under the name Special K, has been operating his Seattle studio since 1998, with his original inspiration coming from the 1990s glass scene in his native Eugene, Oregon. His work is inspired by that classic headshop look but married with some Pacific Northwest artisan aesthetic—the kind of look you might find in an expensive display piece like a vase, knick-knack, or paperweight, but entirely functional. The Dichro Orb is a graceful green bong with a bowl on top and a pipe-like mouthpiece ($190). The Sunshine Gord is shaped, fittingly, like a squash, with droplets of yellow on the body and a green stem as… the stem ($120).

Even the smaller pieces are completely coffee-table-appropriate, like the subtle-looking 8” Glow Art Deco Bud Vase ($100), with a Deco-inspired pattern of blue and yellow glass running through a more textured, shimmering black glass. In a more blatantly trippy design, the bulbous mushroom-shaped Amber Amantina ($120) has a swirling red cap and an amber base that glows in the dark. For non-smokers, he does actually make things like bowls, vases, glasses, and goblets, too.

Foggy Moon

Cannabis pottery from Foggy Moon. A hand holds a ceramic piece with a rainbow tip.

Port Orchard-based pottery collection Foggy Moon is full of earthy, witchy whimsy. While their wares aren’t exclusively cannabis-related, they have a diverse selection of cute and colorful pipes, each handmade and wheel-thrown with flat ends that allow them to be displayed as art when not in use. All priced at $40 or less, they’re also a squeal of a deal.

I’m partial to their fruit and vegetable pipes, each with its own nontraditional shape, like the palm-able strawberry design ($38) and similarly-shaped peach ($38). The eggplant pipe ($38)’s mouthpiece is the stem, which gives it a bolder presence on the shelf. Longer, more traditionally shaped pipes take on creative textures and finishes, like the pearlescent unicorn horn ($40), smooth galaxy pipes ($38, available in various colors), and the geode texture pipes, including one in a lapis lazuli glaze.

Tako Glass

The ANCIENT EGYPTIAN CHILLUM 10 glass piece from Tako Glass. Extra, extra thick this piece weights a bit over 7 oz at almost 4" long.

For more traditional blown glass, Sequim-based Tako Glass achieves bright colors and intricate designs that stand out from the pack. They’re like highbrow decorative glass pieces made functional—like the Ancient Egyptian collection of thick chillum pipes ($345), which use clear glass and silver to create a wavy, encased design with bold colors. Some of the work is incredibly precise, like the Stargazer Opal Mini Rig ($420, nice), which they wrap in a band of flashy, iridescent glass lined in black. Bolder colors shine through without muddling on more opaque pieces, like the saxophone-shaped Serendipity Pocket Sherlock ($410), with layers of vivid pink, orange, purple, and red.

Beezy Glass

The GLITTER OPAL DABBER from Beezy Glass. A collection of long glass dab pens that are rainbow and filled with crystals.

Also based in Sequim, Beezy Glass, Tako’s spouse, delivers more playful blown-glass designs with some adorable sculptural elements. She is especially known for her cute little tree frogs with giant, iridescent eyes. Most classic hand pipes—featuring the little amphibian friends clinging to the bowlpiece—will run you under $100. For something fancier, the frogs also adorn a few sets of terp slurper marbles, a dazzling accessory that’s a fun gift choice for a dabber who’s already well-equipped. The fanciest set features a teal frog over clear marbles that encase a fiery, opal-like sphere ($280).

Beezy also makes delicate, stoner-aesthetic glass jewelry, from magical little mushroom pendants ($40) to flashy and functional glitter wand dab pendants ($60).


A thick inside-out glow-in-the-dark frost pipe with a twist inside the stem.

Wanna make things extra trippy? Stanwood-based glassblower Jason Thiemann, also sought-after for other glass art like memorial keepsakes, claims to be the first to create “true glow-in-the-dark borosilicate glass”both glow-in-the-dark and safe to smoke from. What a concept!

His Glow Pipes shop is dedicated to his work in glow-in-the-dark and color-changing glass, and there’s a surprising amount of variety in there. The Chubby Alien pipe ($55) has a ceramic alien head design fused to a flattened stem and, like the other glow-in-the-dark pieces, glows a bright, frosty blue. The Heisenglow pipe ($55) has a tiny print of Walter White from Breaking Bad on it—it makes sense for the color, although owning a pipe with a well-known fictional methlord on it might raise questions.

The Fumed Maria Ring Glass Pipe ($65) has a swirling, iridescent design from infused gold and silver, with glow-in-the-dark bulbs running down the bowl and stem. For the buddy who’s always losing their lil weed accessories, Thiemann makes a glow-in-the-dark carb cap and dabber with a twisty glow running through the center ($75 as a set). His Illuminati Glass pieces turn green under UV light; the Green Hulk pipe ($65) contains both kinds of glass, and shifts the glow to a more turquoise color.

Ballard Pipe Co

The Ballard Pipe Model 1 features an elegant aged Mediterranean briar bowl with a precision machined anodized aluminum body that cools the smoke before it enters your mouth, providing a smooth and tasty smoke.

We’ve focused on a lot of wild and whimsical stuff in here so far, but what’s out there for your REI-wearing, GORP-crunching friend (who is also maybe your dad)? Ballard Pipe Co. makes compact, utilitarian pipes that probably match your recipient’s Kleen Kanteen, with sleek aluminum bodies and briarwood bowls. Caps screw onto both the mouthpiece and bowl ends when not in use, making them waterproof and odorless, according to the manufacturers (the reviews note that while it’s not odorless, it does help). Their filtration system is designed to cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs for a smooth hit.

The company has one flagship model, and the cost will depend on how many accessories you get. The whole kit and kaboodle, the Deluxe Set ($39.99, available in black and silver) comes with the base model, an extra bowl cap that doubles as a stash container, and extra O-rings and filters.

Soft Serve Glass

An intricate hand-made glass cannabis piece from Soft Serve Glass. Lil fumer sherly with galaxy/slyme sections.

Under the banner of Soft Serve Glass, Seattle artist Jeff Ballard makes one-of-a-kind pieces that range from adorable to colorful to avant-garde. However, his signature pieces are bongs shaped like inverted ice cream cones that have begun to melt on the floor. Other recent works include a “fruit stripe” dab rig with spherical feet and a posh bong in purple and gold with a delicate pattern running along the bottom half.

Unlike many of his fellows, Ballard doesn’t run an online store or an Etsy for his glass, but he runs auctions on his Instagram @softserveglass semi-regularly. To scoop up one of these pieces, you’ll have to watch that spot or browse high-end local or online glass shops. Just be prepared to drop a pretty penny—this purple and gold bong goes for 3,000 entire American dollars at the online smoke shop that grabbed it.


Sarah Anne Lloyd

Sarah Anne Lloyd is a writer and lifelong Seattleite whose work has appeared in Seattle Met, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, KNKX, and others. She lives on the outskirts of West Seattle with her partner, an absolutely perfect dog, and six terrifying chickens. Follow her on Twitter at @sarah

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