The Best Bar Photo Booths in Seattle 

Get pics with your pints 🍺

A strip of photo booth photos taken at bars around Seattle

Public photo booths have been around since the early 1900s but have been slowly disappearing—which sucks because they rock.

In a photo booth, you can create beautiful self-portraits à la Andy Warhol or grab your bestie(s) for silly selfies. Has a date gone particularly well? Commemorate it with a photo. Have friends visiting from out of town? Squeeze into a photo booth for a souvenir they can cherish. You walk away with a keepsake for less than ten dollars long after the night (and Aperol spritz) has faded from memory.

If you’re just as obsessed with photo booths as I am (millennial mall kid, I can’t help it), you’ll be surprised to know that Seattle has many of these working marvels scattered around the city. However, not all photo booths are created equal. Lighting, price, and overall venue vibes can affect the experience. Seattle bar culture varies, which makes the hunt for the perfect vibe even more challenging. Lucky for you, I scoured the city to find the best ones. Because pics or it didn’t happen!

The photo booth at Bait Shop in Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA

📸: Adam Kubota


Bait Shop (Capitol Hill)

Want a fun cocktail and tasty food (try the fish n’ chips, trust me) before your CoverGirl moment? Head over to Bait Shop, a friendly neighborhood bar at the north end of Broadway in Capitol Hill. The vibes at this bar are legendary, and for good reason. The service is welcoming and inclusive. The small patio out front is excellent for people-watching on a sunny day. Watch sports, see a comedy set, or shop at a pop-up market—Bait Shop is a jack of all trades. Head to the back of the bar to find the photo booth with the most SUPREME lighting, in my opinion. Swipe your card, and get ready for six chances to smile, laugh, and strike a pose. Two glossy black and white photo stripes will pop out within a few minutes.

💰 $9.50

📍 Bait Shop: 606 Broadway E, Seattle
📞 (206) 420-8742

The photo booth in Pony in Capitol Hill in Seattle, WA

📸: Adam Kubota


Pony (Capitol Hill)

Only in Seattle can a 1930s-era gas station be magically transformed into one the best gay bars in the city. This small but mighty queer bar is located on a traffic island in east Capitol Hill off Madison Street. Feel free to dance all night while the DJ spins a roulette of tunes or hang out on the outdoor patio next to the cozy fire pit. Like to sing? Visit on karaoke night (Tuesday) and hit those high notes. Did I mention the hunky go-go boys who sometimes dance at the bar?! In between all the fun, swing a left from the front door to find the graffiti-covered photo booth. This booth is fast! Once you pay, prepare to start taking six photos in rapid procession. The cow pattern backdrop makes these black-and-white pics pop!

💰 $9.50

📍 Pony: 1221 E Madison St, Seattle

The photo booth at King's Hardware in Ballard in Seattle, WA

📸: Adam Kubota


King’s Hardware (Ballard)

Prefer a bar with pub-style fried food and cold beer? King’s Hardware, located in the heart of Ballard Avenue, has you covered. The spacious indoor setting with skeeball games and TWO patios does feel kingly. Plus, you can bring your pup! The all-original brick walls and absurd taxidermy give the bar a rustic feel with plenty of kitsch. The photo booth is not hard to find here; it stands loud and proud near the center of the bar, covered in photos previous patrons left behind. The booth is digital and allows you to retake your pics if you don’t like the first batch! You can also order extra copies if you’re feeling generous.

💰 $9.50

📍King’s Hardware: 5225 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
📞 (206) 782-0027

The photo booth at Twilight Exit in the Central District in Seattle, WA

📸: Adam Kubota


Twilight Exit (Central District)

Finding a bar with the right balance of good food, cheap drinks, and a laid-back atmosphere is challenging, but Twilight Exit manages to pull it off. Vintage decor and zero pretension make up this Seattle institution in the Central District. Dimly lit, it’s often packed with locals on the weekends. (Luckily, you can escape to the quiet private patio if you need more space.) They make their food from scratch, and the rotating jello shot flavors are always fun. You’ll find the photo booth beside the Sean Connery Dr. No pinball machine in the backroom. This is the most punk photo booth on this list—tagged and stickered, with high-contrast lighting that gives your photos an overdeveloped look.

💰 $9.50

📍Twilight Exit: 2514 E Cherry St, Seattle
📞 (206) 385-2392

The photo booth at Jupiter Bar in Belltown in Seattle, WA

📸: Adam Kubota


Jupiter Bar (Belltown)

Prefer a night out that contains tacos, drinks, and arcade games? Then the answer is Jupiter Bar in Belltown. Their huge selection of arcade games will make you feel like a kid again. The space-themed cocktails and delicious Mexican and Lebanese cuisine will remind you that being an adult is better. This bar is great for date night, group hangs, or some solo game time. Once you’ve spent all your quarters on the silver ball, you’ll find the photo booth tucked away along the walkway. At just $5, this booth is the best bargain on the list. There’s no high score, but you’ll still leave with a prize.

💰 $5

📍Jupiter Bar: 2126 2nd Ave Suite A, Seattle

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