An Alki Beach Weekend Date

You don’t need to go to the Hill or Belltown for your hot date. Stay in West Seattle. There’s tons of stuff to do here ⛱️

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Okay, so let’s say you live in West Seattle, you’re on Tinder swiping away, you’ve found another local West Seattle hottie to match with, and now it’s time to pick a date spot.

Capitol Hill? Ballard? Too far. It’s currently year two of the West Seattle bridge closure. (Relief is finally coming  this month.) At this point, you should’ve learned how to make the best out of the West Seattle Island we’ve found ourselves on.  So where do you go? Here! Stay in West Seattle! Yes. A novel concept. 

If you guessed Alki Beach is our destination due to the title of the article, then you, my friend, are right.

Don’t yuck my yum 🏖️

Don’t tell me that Alki Beach is basic or that everyone goes there. Everyone goes there for a reason, and as someone who grew up in West Seattle, I know Alki stands as its crown jewel. (If you do want another beach suggestion, Sarah has tons for you.)

To prepare best for your date, bring a burner log and a lighter for a hot fire and also bring some outdoor blankets. They are lightweight, and yes you can fit them in your tote bag. 

Kayaks look out at the downtown skyline

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All aboard 🌊

Meet your date right outside of Alki Kayak. I’ll be daring and suggest you get to know your potential lover out on the water. You can rent paddleboards or kayaks for hourly rates—paddleboards are $25 an hour, single kayaks are also $25, and if you’re feeling risky and really trust your Tinder match, get a double kayak for $40. They also offer tours of Puget Sound, if you want to get more in touch with your granola outdoorsy self.

Enjoy your time on the water, take in the salty air, and feel the wind in your hair. 

📍Alki Kayak Tours: 1660 Harbor Ave SW

Open from 10 am to 7:30 pm every day. Located right near Marination. Make a reservation in advance.

Stay dry ♨️

You’ll probably get wet doing this, so bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet. Maybe even bring a change of clothes. You know, dress to impress, yadda yadda yadda. 

📸: Grego Bagel


Let Lady Liberty light your fire of love 🗽

Now for the beach. A little history: The Duwamish tribe often camped here. The beach has been called the “birthplace” of Seattle since the Denny Party landed on it in 1851. Initially, this settlement was named “New York Alki,” writes MOHAI, which comes from a Chinook word that means “someday” or “by and by,” roughly. “New York” was dropped, and “Alki” stayed. So, this spot has been popular for basically ever. In the early 1900s, the City of Seattle installed an electric street railway line here, but that’s gone. The excitement isn’t.

Walk over to the central part of Alki Beach, located right near a tiny Statue of Liberty, which was brought to the beach in 1952 by the Boy Scouts in a campaign called “Strengthening The Arm Of Liberty”… whatever that means, lol. It will take you a little over 30 minutes to walk from the Kayak Tours. Along the way, you can see some docks where the local fisherman come to hang out. It’s a nice walk.

Go to the water and maybe skip some rocks with your date. Bond over the beach. Let the water take care of you.

📍Alki Beach: 2665 Alki Ave SW

The tide is high but we’re holdin’ on 🌊

Try to go to the beach when the tides are low. You will get to see all of the sea life. There are so many creatures that live on the beach. Starfish! Sea cucumbers! Sea anemones!

A spread of food from Alki Spud

📸: Alki Spud Fish and Chips


Get a fish with that chip 🐟

I hope you’ve worked up an appetite after all of that exploring. Get some fish and chips with your date. You are on a beach after all. Head over to Alki Spud Fish and Chips, located right by the main part of Alki. This spot is an integral part of the beach’s ecosystem. There are so many times I’ve gone here with my friends and dates. Walk on over with an intent to eat something delicious

📍Alki Spud Fish and Chips: 2666 Alki Ave SW

An iconic Seattle establishment dedicated to serving up the yummiest fish and chips on the beach. Their food is decadent but the real star of the show is their impeccable milkshakes. Their blackberry one is so rich and fruity and tastes like Mother Nature kissing you on the lips.

A view of Alki Beach at sunset

📸: Gerardo Martinez Cons


Light a Tinder log 🔥

You know that Duraflame log I told you to get? It’s because you’re going to enjoy your food on the beach. Lay down an outdoor blanket and find a fire pit. Fire pits are unlocked between May and September and are first-come, first-serve. Light that fire of love while you hear the ocean waves and feel that sweet, pungent breeze as it washes over you. Drink your milkshake and take some time to be present. 

If you are lucky, you might run into the orange cat that hangs out at the beach, Chico. (Don’t worry. Chico isn’t lost. Chico just likes the beach).

This is a great time to analyze how your date is going. Ask a few riskier questions. And then, uh, IDK, what else happens on a Tinder date?

End your night with a sense of adventure around your home neighborhood. Capitol Hill doesn’t have beaches like this.

📍Alki Beach: 2665 Alki Ave SW


Sofia Krutikova

Sofia Krutikova

Sofia writes about music, art, and vintage fashion for publications around Seattle. They are the co-founder of the Ra Ra Rebel zine and play shows around town with their riot grrrl band.

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